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raskolnikov Thu 07-Feb-13 23:29:19

Can anyone advise me on how safe it will be to visit Marrakesh with my DD 13? I'd love to go but am a little hesitant about how safe it will be to explore when its just the two of us - my DD is tall with long blonde hair and looks nearer 16. If we're likely to be pestered constantly then maybe I'll have to give it a miss, which would be a real shame. Any thoughts please?

specialmagiclady Thu 07-Feb-13 23:33:36

I went to Marrakech 14 years ago and again a few years ago with my small blonde boys. A lot had changed, in that in the souks they now have rules about pestering. There are pester inspectors and they will fine stallholders who hassle tourists.

I rather missed the banter, but I wasn't a teenager....

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