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anyone driven through france on own (with dc, but no other adults)?

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bicep Tue 05-Feb-13 21:18:13

I'm planning to drive through France to near Bergerac with my two children (4 and 8) this summer. Does anyone have any tips for making the journey as 'easy' as possible and did they feel safe? I am quite looking forward to this but I want to make sure I'm well prepared and that I keep us safe, arriving in one piece and not put off doing it again. I have vague plans to get early Channel/eurostar tickets, then maybe stop somewhere south of Paris overnight, but I'm open to suggestions on what might be a sensible plan. Hope someone can help smile

frozentree Wed 06-Feb-13 18:25:39

Just a word of warning if you stop at a 'aire' rather than a service station on French motorways ie. just a toilet stop rather than a petrol station and restaurant stop; whilst a lot of them are being updated to sit-down toilets, many of the old toilets are still the hole in the ground type. (There is always a sit down toilet in the disabled toilet at the aires tho').

So maybe make sure to stop at a service station unless you're all happy with the squat experience...

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