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Whats available for babies in Spain? How is it with a little one? Any Tips?

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peaches27 Tue 25-Apr-06 20:48:41

We have been to Menorca and Majorca before, but not with children. We are thinking of going in June with a 7 month old and a 3 year old.

Will I be able to buy Cow and Gate milk there or should I take 2-3 huge boxes myself? What other baby foods are available? I expect nappies etc are readily available arent they?

Are there lots of mozzies about at this time of year?

Any other tips for travelling with little uns? (apart from dont do it!).

moondog Tue 25-Apr-06 20:52:46

Nappies are illegal in Spain.
They have to be toilet trained to enter the country.

hermykne Tue 25-Apr-06 20:54:28

i was in majorca with my dd at 8/9mths nearly 3 yrs ago, nappies fine their brand couldnt find pampers but expensive, didnt recognise the formulas at all so u might want to take oyur own.

i made me own food there, same last year with ds and he was 11mths at the time. it was hot they werent that fussed on a meal at lunchtime more dinner .

hermykne Tue 25-Apr-06 20:55:08

dont be cruel moondog

peaches27 Tue 25-Apr-06 22:16:42

The reason I asked about nappies was about 22 years ago we took my son to Greece. At that time we had quite good disposables in the UK. The pampers they had over there were not like the pampers we had in the UK. They had no elastic or shaping round the legs. They leaked. DS had diarrhoea. On one famous occasion I pushed a pushchair full of poo back from the restaurant!

The kids I am taking this year are my grandkids. The Greek experience scarred me for life re. taking a baby abroad.

geekgrrl Tue 25-Apr-06 22:22:37

pampers are called dodot in spain and are the most widely sold brand.

LucyJu Tue 25-Apr-06 22:39:51

Nappies are just as good as in the UK. Just take enough for a day or two and stock up when you get there. IIRC, they are marginally more expensive than in the UK.

You could try ringing the Cow and Gate helpline. They will tell you whether their formula is available in Spain and, if so, what name it is marketed under. I'm sure you'll be able to find a reasonable range of baby foods although some of the flavours will tend to reflect local tastes.

Hope you have a nice holiday.

lucy5 Tue 25-Apr-06 23:00:13

I'm pretty sure that we haven't got cow and gate in Spain but I will have a look the next time i go to the supermarket. You can get hipp organic baby food, which is probably your best bet as Spanish food does tend to have added salt and sugar. Mozzies really depend where you are. Where are you going?

calpopscalum Wed 26-Apr-06 18:24:10

We took ds when he was 10 weeks old and Spain id fab for babies!! We took his formula just in case it was diferent in Spain. Nappies, wipes etc we bought Dodot which were comeptely fine. Just boiled tap water as my gp told me not to use bottled water for babies. As he said, Spanish babies survive!!! The facilities for babies are much etter with baby changes in female and MALe toilets!! babies seem to be welcomed in restaurants there unlike here. If ds woke up when we were having a meal the waiters either offered to hold him for us (wow!) or they would stagger the meals so one of us could feed ds while the other one ate a hot meal! Fantastic! We went to cala n Bosch in menorca and I'd go again. have fun!

peaches27 Wed 26-Apr-06 21:16:12

Probably Menorca/Majorca/Ibiza. Gonna book last minute. Have been to Menorca and Majorca once before but not Ibiza. Cant remember a particular problem with mozzies but went May then October so may have missed the season. We had a plug in thing in our room too.

Do you put mozzie repellant on babies or not?

jellyjelly Thu 27-Apr-06 09:59:17

You can get pampers.huggies out there but they are called do dot or somthing like that. Get your babies weight in kg not lbs so you can compare and all of the baby food is 1 step behind so watch the consistancy/lumps are there arent many.

rbj949703 Thu 27-Apr-06 21:20:35

We took dd1 to Majorca when she was 9mths (11 years ago), I wish I'd only taken enough nappies for a couple of days, not knowing what to expect my suitcase was filled with nappies. We went to the local supermarket and bought jars of heinz baby food for while we were out during the day, and she ate the hotel food in the evening. They really are geared up for kids wherever you go in spain.

We took ds to Ibiza when he was 9mths (8 years ago), dd1 was 3.9. This time we didn't take so many nappies and did exactly the same with the food.

I took my own formula both times, but for the flights I took some ready made cartons of formula. In both hotels, the restaurant staff reserved (hid) high chairs for us.

On the flights, I had the children while dh ate his meal, then we swapped, the cabin crew were quite happy to keep my meal aside.

The Ibiza hotel was the best one, can be expensive, depending on the time of year Fiesta Club Bahamas . Our room was on the ground floor with a shaded patio and next to the kids pool.

As a family we love both Majorca and Ibiza. Never been to Menorca but friends have and love it too.

MummyToToby Fri 02-Jun-06 16:43:03

is formula or baby wipes more expensive in spain. also can you get the johnsons stuff there?

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