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Any villa company recommendations/warnings?

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iloveholidays Mon 04-Feb-13 20:57:51

We've used villaparade for villas in Majorca for the last 4 years and never had any problems...

BlueSkySunnyDay Mon 04-Feb-13 14:58:21

Thanks I will have a look

James they all seem too far out, villas 4 u didnt seem to have anything!

botandhothered Mon 04-Feb-13 08:44:02

James are very good with lots of support in the resort if you need it. They seem to have a lot of free extras if you book early, eg car hire, insurance.

Not been to either of the places you've mentioned, though!
Think they have a cheaper version now called villas 4 u.

gerbilsarefun Mon 04-Feb-13 08:33:51

Hi BlueSSD (hope you don't mind me abbrieviating your name!!) we always hire a car, it's very easy to drive in Cyprus, they drive on the same side as us, and the police come down hard on those who speed, so everything is fairly gentle. It's not a huge island, so most resorts are near the 2 main airports, Paphos and Larnaca therefore not massively expensive for taxis. I liked Fuerteventura too, but we went on a package not independently. Owners direct have villas all over the world.

BlueSkySunnyDay Sun 03-Feb-13 18:46:11

Thanks gerbils I will have a look at them. What to you do about getting from airport to property - taxi, bus, car rental? What are the roads on Cyprus like?

Anyone else any suggestions?

I used to use reviews for help but I dont find I can rely on them any more there are so many people doing reviews of their own properties or other places deliberately placing bad reviews its not much really much use any more.

Is there a good website that reviews villas?

gerbilsarefun Sat 02-Feb-13 17:33:26

We used a few years ago for a trip to Cyprus. These are all privately owned villas, the company controls the website, not the villas. We had a lovely villa and they were quite reasonably priced. Together with the flight we reckoned we saved about £1000 against the price of a package holiday. There are plenty of flights going to Cyprus in high season.

BlueSkySunnyDay Sat 02-Feb-13 16:56:09

We are looking at Fuerteventura or Cyprus high season.

Can anyone recommend any companies, (cleanliness, efficiency and villas accurately represented on their websites) we would need flights too and are complete novices at doing it this way.

All advice appreciated.

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