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Disneyland Paris - Character Lunches with a 2year old....

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mummymeister Sun 27-Jan-13 01:10:02

personally think 2 is a bit on the young side. DS remembers nothing of his disney visit when he was 2. saw a lot of kids around 2 or 3 who were a bit freaked out by it all - seeing the characters larger than life was not what they wanted. 5 year old is perfect age but with your younger one just accept it isnt going to be the best experience and it will probably then turn out better.

LIZS Sat 26-Jan-13 11:52:05

iirc there are high chairs in the restaurant so I'm sure it would be manageable. If you are worried visit earlier in the day to confirm not that it prevented them running late and meaning dd's 7th bday dinner was too late for her to make the most of the food or the entertainment. It is silver service style though, not a hugely child-friendly menu and admission strictly timed. Warn you that at 2, dd was less keen on characters and howled through a character breakfast.

HollyGoHeavily Fri 25-Jan-13 13:50:51

DP and I are taking DD1 (5) and DD2 (2) to DLP this summer. First time for all of us...

I have booked the Princess Lunch (i know, i know!)as DD was so excited at the idea and in the booking form listed all 4 of our names. The booking reservation however only lists me, DP and DD1.

I have spoken to the DLP helpline and they have said that as DD2 is under 3 she gets to go into lunch free but won't get a seat and won't get any food and drink! The lady on the phone did then tell me that it will be ok for her to eat off my plate - great! - so i'll get to eat my lunch with a large, squirmy toddler on my knee who will eat half of my (rather expensive) lunch.

What actually happens in practice? When we get there will they seat us on a table for 4 and by default DD2 will get a seat? Can I request an extra plate and cutlery for her and shovel some of mine and DPs food onto a separate plate for her? Or are they very strict about these things and i'll get a talking to from Cinderella's bouncers?

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