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Can you stay with your child at the Kids Clubs rather than leave them?

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Mapal Wed 23-Jan-13 10:48:31


We are planning our first trip abroad with our 3 year old and are looking at a First Choice holiday village as an option due to the amount of stuff going on for kids.

I was just wondering - are you able to stay with your child while they are in the kids club? I have no experience of these things - I don't think my DS will like being left by us but I would hate him to miss out on the activities. Plus if he won't be left he could get bored - 2 weeks of just pools and beach could get tiresome for us all if he doesn't want to join in any organised activities. I know he would if one of us was with him though. Plus we want a holiday for family time, not to spend it apart so don't really want to just leave him in a club without us.

Just after some advice really on how these things work. How do others keep their kids entertained for 2 weeks on a pool & beach holiday?


LifeofPo Wed 23-Jan-13 10:50:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Seeline Wed 23-Jan-13 11:00:57

We went to a holiday village last summer (it was fab smile ) My kids were older, but I didn't notice parents staying with the younger ones. The Reps are specially trained to look after the age groups and TBH the littlies looked as though they were having a great time. It is very relaxed - I think the sessions were 1.5 hrs long from memory. they tell you in advance what type of session it's going to be (crafty, singing, games, face painting etc) so you can pick the ones your DC would like. The kids LOVE the reps - they all have their favourite which helps!
I think there may be an issue staying with your child in terms of child protection.....

wigglesrock Wed 23-Jan-13 12:14:21

You can wait outside the room they are using - if they are doing an inside activity blush I was not the only one grin

To be honest, mine only went to the kids club past 5 or so and even then it was maybe for a few hours every other day. I just bought toy cars, watering cans, cheap figures, little stacking cups with me, cheap inflatables and they played in or by the pool most of the time. My tip - buy out Poundland with things that might float, sit back, watch and take lots of photos grin

noramum Wed 23-Jan-13 12:27:26

Go out of your holiday complex.

We went twice to Majorca and went only to the beach in the late afternoon. We just went out, visited sights, went to markets, did a day cycling, went on a boat trip....

2 weeks just pool and hotel would be a nightmare even with a kids club.

Hersetta Wed 23-Jan-13 14:54:02

We've been to holiday villages 3 times with trip number 4 coming up this year. I agree with seeline, they don't usually allow parents to stay. I stayed with DD for 5 mins on one occasion last year (she was 4) as the kids club team spotted that she wasn't herself, but within 5 minutes she perked up and waved me bye bye. When you sign them in to kids club they make a note of where you will be in the complex so if there were really unhappy, one of them would come and fetch you. The previous year when DD was a little over 3 she had a blast and loved kids club and would always run off to see hwer favouties and hold their hands. The staff are brilliant with them.

Mapal Wed 23-Jan-13 15:04:31

Thanks all, I appreciate the replies.

Normally we would not spend the whole holiday at the hotel but this time we're going all inclusive and just want to relax as much as poss so won't be planning off resort excursions - this is why we are looking at the holiday village.

Yeah, I thought you probably couldn't stay with them at the kids clubs but if it's only a couple of hours here and there hopefully it'll be OK. Knowing DS he'll only start to be happy to be left at the end of the 2 weeks!!

Water/floating toys idea noted, that sounds good. I'm more a 'do lots of sightseeing' type but DP wants a 'do nothing for 2 weeks' holiday this time, I'm just worried keeping DS happy will be exhausting. Fingers crossed!!

Thanks again.

loopsngeorge Wed 23-Jan-13 22:49:35

I asked this when we first went to the Thomson Superfamily in Puerto Pollensa and the reps said they couldn't let me stay as it would unsettle any other children who were feeling iffy about being there. There was no need anyway, my son had a whale of a time - it was very much set up like a preschool session and he soon felt at home!

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