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Langkawi - anyone been?

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Cll Wed 14-Jan-04 15:17:55

Thinking of going to Langkawi for half term
Have possibility of staying at The Sheraton or The Andaman - Sheraton's much cheaper and has kids club but worried beach might not be up to much

Anyone been to either?

NGPY Wed 14-Jan-04 15:34:12

Have been to The Datai which is a sister hotel of The Andaman. The two hotels are next to eachother, away from the main resort area on Langkawi - don't worry, the grounds of both are big so you won't feel on top of another hotel. The beach is fantastic. As far as the cost difference goes, you are getting what you pay for. We stayed at a Shangri La hotel on Penang (maybe a bit more upmarket than Sheraton?) and there was just no comparison to The Datai in terms of quality. There isn't much to do on Langkawi though - it is mainly beaching it...

Does that help?

NGPY Wed 14-Jan-04 15:40:42

The Babygoes2 review of The Andaman is here in case you haven't seen it. You need to scroll down.

sobernow Wed 14-Jan-04 16:16:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

codswallop Wed 14-Jan-04 16:19:00

I once cried all the way from singapore to penang - circa 1970

Cll Wed 14-Jan-04 23:11:47

Booked the Andaman - thanks

Additional feedback before we go (Feb 13th) most welcome

helenmh Thu 15-Jan-04 14:41:16

just tagging on to this thread-cant provide any advice.we are thinking of a trip to malaysia in the future and grateful for any tips. We have thought about penang or langkawi or p[referably some time at both. as boys are 12 and 10 we would prefer two fooms or a bit more space. Any tips on whether to do a package or book direct. Any recommendations of companies or where to get flights?I ould be interested to hear how you get on cll

bossykate Thu 15-Jan-04 14:58:13

hi helenmh, i thought i remembered talking to you about malaysia before! it was here

still making your mind up?

with older kids i would recommend penang over langkawi, because there is more variety of things to do.

please let me know if you have any further questions about penang.

sobernow Thu 15-Jan-04 15:07:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

helenmh Thu 15-Jan-04 15:07:45

hi Bossykate. thanks for that advice. we didnt get to malaysia this year but hopefully saving up for next year. Did you go through a package or independently? Any recommendations of hotels

helenmh Thu 15-Jan-04 15:09:50

thanks sobernow. maybe we will try the independent route.

bossykate Thu 15-Jan-04 16:16:46

we went with trailfinders, who will put together the flights and hotels, so giving the convenience of package with the flexibility of independent travel. they book direct with the hotels, iirc. the lonely planet guide has good info on the hotels in all areas.

here is a link to Trailfinders Hotels in Maylasia (you need to select malaysia from the drop down list). you could compare the tf prices with booking direct...

helenmh Thu 15-Jan-04 16:51:50

Thanks for that Bossykate- it seems to be a good compromise between being independent and a package. At least you have peace of mind if somewhere is booked with kids. My apologies you did recommend some hotels before- i was in a rush for the school run so didnt read the old posts properly. We went to thailand pre kids and loved it and fancy taking the kids to the far east but somewhere different. We will get there I am saving hard!

florenceuk Thu 15-Jan-04 17:35:47

I went to Langkawi oh about 20 years ago! As a poor student, stayed in a guesthouse (read small thatched hut and cold shower). I remember it was so hot, I burnt my feet!

Cll Thu 04-Mar-04 14:59:42

quick update - had most fantastic time. Andaman was superb for kids - highchiars in every restaurant, kids meals v friendly staff - cheap babysitting while we went to the spa (kids too jetlagged to go down early in eve so we all ate together - also all sleeping in one room so nowhere for babysitter to go! Pool fab, with waterslide beach glorious (and they're not all nice beaches weirdly)great food.
Top tips get your seats altogether resreved and in triplicate from Malaysian airlines- get names, seat numbers the lot - we had two massive arguments at both ends trying ot secure seats and our kids are small - 5 and 2 so we really needed to be on a four so they could lie on us
if you need mpore info feel free to ask. we'll def go back
went to penang over 10 years ago and it was pretty commercial then - Langkawi much less os

helenmh Thu 04-Mar-04 16:22:41

hi Cll
Did you book independently or through a package. If with a package who did you book with?

Twinkie Thu 04-Mar-04 16:24:37

We were planning on going next year

helenmh Fri 05-Mar-04 09:08:34

Hi another question I forgot to ask. Are there any local restaurants near the Andaman or did you eat in the hotel?

JigBugs Sat 24-Jul-04 23:16:05

Just come back from Langkawi - stayed at The Andaman. Fabulous hotel - great beaches and super toddler friendly pool. Just opened a kids club for ages 3+. Lots of new toys, plus dvds and computer games for older ones.

janinlondon Tue 07-Sep-04 14:15:37

Shamelessly bumping this thread to get opinions on hotels in Langkawi for next March. I see the Andaman gets a big plus - but that other hotels may not be on nice beaches? Would that include the Berjaya Beach or Pelangi Beach? Any hotel reviews welcome!

helenmh Wed 08-Sep-04 11:15:35

Hi just to say would be interested in any tips when you go. We go next july a combination of the Berjaya, langkawi, Golden sands in penang and 3 nights in Kuala lumpur so interested in any recent experiences . The berjaya and Golden Sands seemed to have lots of deals eg free nights and room upgrades. We booked early and got discounts. Going with Kuoni

janinlondon Mon 13-Sep-04 16:56:02

Anyone at all...? Am a bit worried by internet reviews of Berjaya. Can anyone give a first hand review? Pleeeaaase?

soapbox Mon 13-Sep-04 16:59:00

Have you tried for Langawi hotels???

serenequeen Mon 13-Sep-04 19:57:13

hi jan

the andaman and the datai are the business - is there a particular reason you're looking at the berjaya instead?

hazlinh Tue 14-Sep-04 02:59:47

berjaya is alright. but serenequeen's right. andaman and datai are heavenly.

and if you really want to choose between berjaya and pelangi, i'd definitely pick berjaya.

i would also not recommend going to burau bay resort or awana porto malai.

hey why don't u go to tioman or pangkor island where the beach is a bit nicer and the islands are smaller and bit quieter? and u can snorkel/dive at tioman.

(i recommend pangkor island beach resort formerly known as pan pacific pangkor resort, if you can't afford luxurious Pangkor-Laut Resort which is to DIE-FOR!!))

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