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tips for flying with a 1 year old?!

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laracroft2001 Sun 20-Jan-13 20:46:07

Take something to suck on for take off and landing else they will get sore ears sad

RandomMess Sun 20-Jan-13 20:37:43

Don't have a hot drink yourselves too easy to get spilt.

Bangonthedoor Sun 20-Jan-13 20:36:27

Thanks noramum i think swapping when back would be the better option too. Id hate to be out there and in need of formula with no options available!

noramum Sun 20-Jan-13 20:22:43

Cows milk may taste differently as most European countries prefer UHT and a newer "longer lasting fresh milk" which is halfway between normal pasteurize and UHT.

DD refused more than once her milk and she loves the white stuff. She was nearly 2 at the first time and I just accepted it. She compensated by eating yoghurt as if it would come out of fashion.

If she would have been as young as yours I would have taken two tins of formula with me and swapped afterwards.

Bangonthedoor Sun 20-Jan-13 15:43:45

Thanks both! Will take all of that on board...pardon the pun!

The other thing is milk..i was planning on switching dd to cows milk when she turns one which is just two days before we fly. Do you think i should carry on with the switch and buy the cows milk out there? Or shall i just keep her on formula for an extra two weeks and switch when home?

I know she'll take to cows milk easily as has had some before as a drink and seemed to enjoy it.

Ozfrazror Fri 18-Jan-13 10:59:37

Last week we managed an 8 hour flight with 3 ds's - 4,3 & 15 months and it was actually less stressful than you would have imagined. My biggest tips are:

Try and keep dc awake for as long as possible before the flight and then get a drink ready as you taxi. 9 times out of 10 mine have looked a bit shocked at the noise of the take off but then settled down pretty quickly for a nap with the drone and vibration of the plane. If you're lucky, cos you'll be holding her, she'll sleep for half of it!

Take a small bag for her with a couple of books and some favourite toys and then loads of snacks - I'm sure I fed mine constantly for most of the flight! They especially like stuff they don't get very often like sweets and lollies, although your dd is still quite young.

Think about all the parts of your journey from home to the plane and talk it through with your DH/dp. That way it takes all the stress out of the journey as you already have specific jobs to do and there's no last minute frustrations. You will also have thought about whether to go for a sling or buggy, how many flight bags to take, where to put any liquids or gels so they can be grabbed quickly for security. For example, my DH and I usually arrange it so I sort the kids and he does the bags, this includes getting to check in, through security and onto the plane. We usually always take a buggy all the way to the gate as well which is really useful. Sounds a bit anal and I was never such a planner in my singleton days but it honestly helps massively to do the virtual journey beforehand!

Stay relaxed and that rubs off on the dc.

Try not to worry about other passengers. At the end of the day there is little you can do if dc decides to have a blowout so they'll have to put up with it like you. If they have kids themselves they'll know! Also, while it seems loud to you, the engine noise dulls it a lot by the time it reaches other rows. Sometimes getting up and taking them to the toilet helps cos you can shut yourself in for a minute and they get distracted by the new environment. I've let my ds play with the running water for a minute before, just as a distraction.

Hopefully you'll find that she is so interested in the new experience that she'll be better than a car journey!

Sorry it's a bit long but hopefully it might help a bit. Enjoy your sunshine!

noramum Fri 18-Jan-13 10:32:36

For the flight: take more nappies with you than you think if you are delayed. Change just before boarding and then only of really necessary as the facilities in the plane are really small, I struggled with my 8 month old.

You can take food onto the plane, baby food has to be tasted but it depends on the security staff. I normally buy a bottle of mineral water after security and DD drunk that during the flight.

You may be able to keep the buggy till the gate but it is likely you only get it back with your luggage. Or take a sling with you so you can carry your child all the way from the plane to the luggage.

Be relaxed and don't fret if your child is not doing what it normally does. DD managed without a nap until 10pm because the was sooooo interesting. On other flights she just nodded off as soon as the plane was in the air.

Take some small toys with you but please nothing with makes a sound. Get some new small books and bring stuff out ever hour or so, not everything at once.

Favourite cuddly toys keep in your hand luggage.

Have fun.

Bangonthedoor Thu 17-Jan-13 20:23:10

Hi all.

So in may we're off to lanzarote for 2 weeks when our DD will just have turned 1.

Any tips for travelling on a 4 hour flight with her?? Ways to keep her entertained on the flight?

Also any tips for when actually abroad with her? Luckily we'll have a washing machine so i can wash our clothes etc which will be easier on packing!

Even though im really looking forward to some sunshine, the bit im most aprehensive about is coming home trying to get her into a routine again... :-s


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