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Tips for entertaining a lively 2yo on a 4 hour flight?

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beela Sun 06-Jan-13 14:52:37

The title says it all really!

I may yet resort to purchasing a DVD player and taking the box set of Postman Pat, which is currently the only thing that will persuade him to sit still for longer than 5 minutes. But I would prefer it if we had some other options!

Other than sticker books, crayons, favourite story books, does anyone have any top suggestions?

I'm looking forward to the holiday, but the journey... not so much!

Don't give him everything at once. Keep a varied stash of small different surprise things in your hand luggage and distract him with something new when he is starting to get whingy. The trolley with goodies on can also be used as a distraction, although have some treats in your bag in case they haven't got anything left, or any thing suitable.
Make trips to the toilet into an adventure, same as with seatbelts etc.
Lego do little miniature diggers and things, I know they'll be too small for your DS, but you can build them together and then he can play with it for a bit. They are only a few quid.
Make sure he has something to suck on for take off and landing, as you don't want sore ears.

LavenderPots Sun 06-Jan-13 15:00:34

talk to him about flight, how he will have to sit nicely say if he needs toilet (if trained) sit and do stickers etc watch inflight movie? explain what will happen - look out of windows - spot may have to be a little strict with him and keep him strapped in at all never know he may sleep...

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