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Birth certificates for passports? URGENT

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waterfalls Tue 18-Apr-06 00:14:40

DS was born before me and dh were married, does that mean that his birth certificate is not valid and will be rejected by the passport office?

lou33 Tue 18-Apr-06 00:19:48


waterfalls Tue 18-Apr-06 00:20:54


D'oh sorry,caps again.

SaintGeorge Tue 18-Apr-06 00:28:18

What you need

Have you changed DS's surname since you married? If so you will probably need any documentation from that, otherwise I think your mariage certificate covers it.

waterfalls Tue 18-Apr-06 00:30:42

He was given dh name, so no name change, and I am sending marriage certificate for the renewal of mine, so does that mean it will be ok (fingrs crossed) on the verge of hysteria here

lou33 Tue 18-Apr-06 00:36:11

it wont get rejected

dd1 was born before we got married, and had my name, she took his name as well when we got round to marrying, and when we applied for a passport her bc was in her original name, it was still no problem

waterfalls Tue 18-Apr-06 00:36:23

Thanks SaintGeorge for the link, it would seem the birth certificate he has is ok

waterfalls Tue 18-Apr-06 00:37:06

Thanks lou33.................phewwwwwwww.

waterfalls Tue 18-Apr-06 00:38:17

I love MN
I would not have slept tonight if I had to wait til tomorrow to call the passport office.

cece Tue 18-Apr-06 08:03:57

It should be fine but make sure you send the full one. I sent the shorter one and it got sent back and I then had to send th elonger one , which delyed things a bit.

waterfalls Tue 18-Apr-06 09:36:53

Oh god, I think it is, its on size A4, the short ones are on A5 are'nt they?

merrymum Tue 18-Apr-06 10:19:32

did you know that you are supposed to re-register your childs birth if you married after they were born?

lou33 Tue 18-Apr-06 11:57:58

thats not what we were told about our oldest when we got married

Squarer Tue 18-Apr-06 12:41:07

That seems crazy MM. A birth is a birth, whether mum and dad were married or not. Can't see why it would have to be re-registered?

SaintGeorge Tue 18-Apr-06 13:03:42

I don't think it is a legal requirement. Some websites say 'you should' but the majority say 'you may' re-register to show that the child is from that partnership.

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Tue 18-Apr-06 13:31:10

You are supposed to re-register although no-one will come after you with a big stick.

Re-registering 'legitimises' the birth. Can you tell the laws surrounding birth registration need updating ?!

beckybrastraps Tue 18-Apr-06 13:39:51

Check the birth certificate. Both my full one and my short one are on A4. The full one has all the info about occupations etc.

lou33 Tue 18-Apr-06 13:43:11

i thought there was a law that came into force automatically legitimising children born outside marriage, when their parents wed?

Anyway i'm not that bothered. I didnt do anything officially for dd1 when she changed her name either, all i did was send letters saying she was now known by x name. When i applied for a passport for her, all i had to do was provide a letter from her dad saying she was using his name from now on, and that was that

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Tue 18-Apr-06 14:11:40

Yes Lou the Legitimacy Act 1976....the birth is legitimised by the marriage......bit rusty on it but think it's a requirement under the act to re-register.

No-one bothers you if you don't though IME.

KristinaM Tue 18-Apr-06 14:17:00

waterfalls - the full birth certificate is the one with the parents names etc on it. its to establish that the child is a british citizen so is entitiled to a british passport. the short one just has the child's name and DOB on it so its no use for the first passport

lou33 Tue 18-Apr-06 14:17:47

when one of the other kids was born, and we were actually married, we were talking to the registrar when he had done the certificate, about dd1, and he never said anything about having to re register her since we got married

saggar, i was talking about something more recent than that, i am sure i read something in the last few years

beckybrastraps Tue 18-Apr-06 14:18:56

HATE the expression "legitmacy". My mum wasn't married when she had me. When she got married and her husband wanted to adopt me, she had to as well, even though she gave birth to me! She was unimpressed. Consequently, I don't have a birth certificate I can use, just a copy of an entry in the register of adopted children.

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Tue 18-Apr-06 14:31:05

I know Becky - it's an odd state of affairs.

Lou dunno - probably some stuff in the Family Law thing 1995 and there was that parental responsibility change in 2003 too.

SaintGeorge Tue 18-Apr-06 14:39:03

Something has definately changed in the law since 1988. I know because when I originally met DH he was technically a bastard, but the law changed after I met him and made him legit.

Opinions vary as to how much it really changed him

SaintGeorge Tue 18-Apr-06 14:40:24

becky - you should be able to get a birth certificate. DH's parents had to adopt him although they are his birth parents (long story) but he has a birth certificate with his correct name on it.

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