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Help me decide on a summer holiday please

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We usually go to one of the quieter resorts on a Greek island, which is perfect for us but tbh we think we should probably see more of the world.

SO - where would be good? It doesn't necessarily have to have a beach but it does have to be pretty much guaranteed that I won't get rained on! Doesn't have to be hot, although warm would be nice.

Needs to not rely on driving at all. Needs to be no more than £2500 max for 4 of us, and probably either b&b or self catering with nice places to eat out in the evenings.

So far I'm wondering about maybe somewhere in Italy. Or would Poland work? Might it be possible to have maybe 5 days in Krakow and then a couple of days elsewhere? Or is there anywhere in Germany perhaps? I have no idea!

Dp and 1 plus teen dds - it may well be our last holiday with both dds, although I hope not. We like exploring, museums, eating out, walking etc. And I hate crowds.

Any ideas much appreciated. Oh and no camping!

CoteDAzur Wed 02-Jan-13 14:15:27

As singapore says, Kalkan is lovely. I know you say you'd rather not drive, but I would still recommend taking a day or two to drive along the seaside to Kas and then to Kemer and even Antalya, following the yellow road signs that designate archeological sites. There are many on that coast!

I would recommend that area (Southern coast of Turkey) at the beginning or the end of summer, as it gets hellishly hot in July & August.

Bodrum used to be very nice, but now it's totally overrun by tourists (no offence smile). However, there is a place called Türkbükü near Bodrum which is lovely, with many little restaurants and quaint little hotels. No beach, though. You would fly to Bodrum airport, where your hotel would normally pick you up from.

My personal favorite is Çesme (pronounced "Cheshme") near Izmir. Miles of beautiful white sand and shallow light blue sea. Look up Alaçati, which is one of the two old towns in Çesme and is beautiful, with narrow cobblestone streets, little arty shops, and local restaurants. It is also where world windsurf championships are held, if your DC are interested.

Re noticeable blond DD - Don't worry about it. You will see that there will be loads of leggy noticeable girls parading around in mini skirts and tiny shorts, most of them local Turkish girls. Blonds are rare and she might be told how beautiful she is a little too often, she will never be in danger. Turkish society is very protective of women (especially those perceived to be in distress) and I feel safer there walking down the street alone at 3 AM than here in the South of France where I know for a fact that nobody would come to help if I were attacked.

Flatbread Wed 02-Jan-13 14:21:21

here in the South of France where I know for a fact that nobody would come to help if I were attacked

Is this true Cote...any personal experience? I spend a lot of time alone in France and wonder about safety. My mutt is less than ideal as a guard dog.

CoteDAzur Wed 02-Jan-13 19:36:44

Yes, it's personal experience plus what I hear from friends.

I was stuck in traffic on Promenade des Anglais (seaside main road) in Nice in broad daylight when a mad man tried to open my car's doors and get inside. Thankfully I saw him coming and locked them. Then he started banging on my windows. Not one person came to my help, although by this point I was honking the horn pretty desperately. Drivers in the other cars around me were looking elsewhere and so were the hundreds of pedestrians around us. Thankfully cars started moving and I eventually got away.

This would never happen in Turkey. People would help, especially if the person being harassed is a single woman.

Flatbread Wed 02-Jan-13 19:46:46

That is pretty shocking! I cannot understand how people can look away when someone, especially a lone woman, is being harassed and intimidated sad

Did it make you want to move away? I love our place in France, but sometimes wonder if we made the wrong decision from a cultural perspective.

Turkey sounds lovely! Along with Morocco, we will put it on our 'must see' list. Thanks smile

strumpetpumpkin Wed 02-Jan-13 20:05:38

don't judge the south of France by Nice wink

Thanks for the Turkey info, Cote. Will do some more googling.

Horrible re people ignoring you during potential car-jacking incident.

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