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Any one know of any cheap bed and breakfasts around the channel tunnel terminal

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longwaytogo Mon 17-Apr-06 09:40:03

We need accomodation the night before our crossing has anyone stayed at a good bed and breakfast or live in that area and can recommend one please.

Last year travel lodge were doing cheap deals but dont seem to be available anymore.

Celia2 Mon 17-Apr-06 17:02:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

granarybeck Mon 17-Apr-06 17:15:51

I don't know of any but will need one in summer and had forgotten to start looking! will keep an eye out for any suggestions

Sparkerleur Mon 17-Apr-06 17:53:38

Which end of tunnel?

longwaytogo Mon 17-Apr-06 22:50:35

this end as our crossing is 10 a.m so dont fancy traveling over night really

TravelFiend Tue 18-Apr-06 11:48:22

Granarybeck, I´d recommend the Ibishotel at Coquelles (right next to the Cite d´Europe (the big shopping centre at the exit of the tunnel French side). CLean rooms at a reasonable price. if you want a look. Also 2-3 other cheap hotels right next to it, can´t remember the name of unfortunately. Often no need to book!

longwaytogo Tue 18-Apr-06 16:21:50


granarybeck Tue 18-Apr-06 16:40:24

thanks, travelfiend, will have a look at their website. Was thinking of staying at this side but will ckeck them out in case.

Lucycat Tue 18-Apr-06 16:41:14

How about asking on ukcampsite? if you go to the camping and caravanning abroad section, I'm sure that someone will know of a good place.

Celia2 Tue 18-Apr-06 17:12:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

longwaytogo Wed 19-Apr-06 10:43:30

no i need something this side of the channel

swedishmum Wed 19-Apr-06 11:54:48

J9 (15 mins away) of the M20 has a travel lodge and there's also a similar one by J10 (just on the A2070) - both Ashford. Don't know of any recommended b and bs but there are certainly loads around. Folkestone would not be any quicker than Ashford by the way as the turn off is before the town right off the M20 - Cheriton is the nearest place.

Waswondering Wed 19-Apr-06 11:57:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

swedishmum Wed 19-Apr-06 11:57:44

The one by J10 is a Premier Travel Inn - only a couple of mins off the motorway.

Tortington Wed 19-Apr-06 12:33:06

theres one junction 8 at ashford the euro sommat business park.

longwaytogo Fri 21-Apr-06 09:08:47

ohh didn't think of folkstone tourist info will give that a go. Its just that travel lodge for the six of us and then breakfast at little chef works out really expensive.

curlytop0072003 Sun 29-May-11 13:33:18

A good place to find cheap B&B's around the Channel Tunnel area is here:

I've stayed twice at a B&B called 'One Step Beyond' (the last one on the list above). It's a lovely family home, situated in a small village (Etchinghill) just 1-mile from the Eurotunnel terminal, with very homely B&B accommodation, a decent sized room, spotlessly clean, en-suite shower, TV and tea/coffee etc. It cost me £25-£30 and I enjoyed a very hearty breakfast!

A great find, but not very well advertised, hence the link to the local village pub above. There are half a dozen other B&B's listed there too, but I haven't stayed in them.

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