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Places of interest in London for 7 year olds and under.

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L2 Sat 10-Jan-04 20:51:22

I am going to London with my husband and children in April this year for 4 days and would like to know of interesting places to take the children where they won't get bored but which we would be interested in to - any ideas anyone?.

Posey Sat 10-Jan-04 21:30:22

We live in London and have a 6 year old so I would recommend:
-The Science/Natural History museums (next door to each other with lots of "hands-on" stuff
-London Eye
-St Paul's Cathedral, if you like heights and great views, and feel up to a lot of steps!
-from there you could walk across the wobbly (Millennium) bridge and walk along by the Thames and maybe go into The Tate Modern.
-Any of the parks if the weather is nice, there are some stunning buildings to look at around them.

I'll think a bit more and get back to you if I think of anything that isn't blindingly obvious.
Have a good time!

JanH Sat 10-Jan-04 21:38:39

They might like the Imperial War Museum - there is a HUGE gun outside and lots of planes etc to look at inside. (Oops - just tried to find website, put in and got the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management!) Website is here . 7 and under is too little for the Holocaust Exhibition but most of the other things should be OK and they have family events.

And there's always the zoo, and a boat ride from Westminster to the Tower or Greenwich.

yoko Sat 10-Jan-04 21:41:16

off the top of my head:
the science museum
natural history museum
national maritime museum Greenwich(really good-dont be put off by name!v good hands on stuff for kids,plus craft activities etc)
victoria and albert museum-lots of kids activities
london transport museum-ditto
Regents park zoo
tate modern
Walking around the south bank-lots to see and do(borough market next to london bridge,fantastic!)
All parks are great-try Diana memorial playground in hyde park-not just for littleys at all
River boats
some central london bus routes-no 24-Victoria to Hampstead-starts pimlico,then victoria,thro parliament sq,trafalgarsq,charing cross rd,tott court rd,up thro camden,finishes right on Hampstead heath-Kenwood house(NT)lovely walks and great cafe
there is sooo much to do in london.A good book is Time Out Kids Guide.
Have Fun !

yoko Sat 10-Jan-04 21:43:32

Forgot to say ,all the museums are free.

emsiewill Sat 10-Jan-04 21:46:49

Me & SIL took dd1 (6), dd2 (4) and my niece (4) to the Tate Modern in the summer, and they really enjoyed it. They had some great children's activities, and they enjoyed looking at the exhibits. We then took the boat to the Tate Britain, where again, they do great things for kids. If I lived in London, I would seriously consider HE for my children - there's so much inspiration there.

emsiewill Sat 10-Jan-04 21:47:23

Oh, and it was all free except the boat.

notlob Sat 10-Jan-04 21:50:15

Might I know you?

kmg1 Sat 10-Jan-04 22:18:50

The Laurence Anholt art books are a great introduction - we looked at these with the boys (4 and 6) and then went to the National Gallery and the Tate Modern to look for some of the works.

If you don't know London well the Take the Kids: London book is great. It gives loads of tips and advice, and tells you all the free stuff too.

In the Science Museum I would advise trying to get there when it opens, and head straight for the Sainsburys wing, or downstairs to the basement. Also the bookshop sell "children's gallery guides" to look closely at some of the galleries - e.g. Space, Flight, and Medicine. They have a great website so you can plan your visit before you go.

NHM is fab - earthquakes, volcanoes, and dinosaurs.

JanH Sat 10-Jan-04 22:21:51

Oh, and the Docklands Light Railway - not to go anywhere, just for the ride. You can sit right at the front and pretend to be the driver. (Or they can.)

Kayleigh Sun 11-Jan-04 16:28:54

The transport museum in Covent Garden. My boys are 5 and 2 and although it was probably a bit old for the little one they both enjoyed it. They give the kids quiz sheets and stuff to do.

donnie Sun 11-Jan-04 16:45:41

the toy museum/ museum of childhood in Bethnal Green ( east London). I haven't actually been but my friend took her 2 year old recently and said it was excellent, although her dd was a bit young for it she still really enjoyed herself there.

KatieMac Sun 11-Jan-04 21:27:50

Went to the Bethnal Green Museum - about 10 years ago - it was fantastic - really interactive - a little show loads to do....
Really enjoyed it

But they had the same model of pram as my mum used for me (and I'm not that old!!!!)

Twinkie Mon 12-Jan-04 08:45:31

Message withdrawn

Pacific Mon 12-Jan-04 13:47:54

There is a good thread 'Places to visit in London'.
Sorry, can't do links but there are a lot of suggestions on that thread.

aloha Mon 12-Jan-04 14:11:39

I like Battersea park zoo, great for toddlers. Very ramshackle and sweet. Boating afterwards on the lake and lunch in the Italian cafe with duck feeding. I really like it there.

notlob Mon 12-Jan-04 16:29:13

is this it?

wilbur Mon 12-Jan-04 17:14:29

Definitely the Science Museum, it's great. Also, Time Out often has good ideas for things to do with kids, special events etc, and also Families Magazine, which has a website here where you can look up London events.

Do you live near Battersea Park, aloha? I'm just down the road from there.

StressyHead Mon 12-Jan-04 17:16:06

message withdrawn

JanH Mon 12-Jan-04 17:25:40

SH, I went to London Zoo with my kids last Feb and we enjoyed it so don't despair!

It's cute, reading this thread, to see London residents recommending their small local parks over the huge well-known attractions - feeding ducks and squirrels etc.

dinosaur Mon 12-Jan-04 17:29:13

my too enjoyed a trip to the zoo as well StressyHead

although the main attraction for (autistic) DS1 was the giraffes - for some reason he has a thing about giraffes (?)

StressyHead Mon 12-Jan-04 17:32:06

message withdrawn

dinosaur Mon 12-Jan-04 17:34:38

I'm sure she'll love it

The great apes are the first thing that you come to when you go in and we had serious trouble getting DS2 (then aged one) away from them!

aloha Mon 12-Jan-04 18:45:44

Wilbur, sadly no! I live in Camberwell. But Battersea is only short drive away and we all really enjoy it.

aloha Mon 12-Jan-04 19:22:40

Wilbur, sadly no! I live in Camberwell. But Battersea is only short drive away and we all really enjoy it.

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