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Skiing - Suggestions for first timers please!

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clam Tue 11-Dec-12 13:17:12

Do you mean me, or the OP? We're committed to half-term now and I don't like going at Easter anyway. I hate that 'end-of-season' feel, where most of the snow has gone at resort level and round the edges of the piste. Also, once we get to the end of March I'm thinking ahead to Spring/Summer, not snow. Can't ski once the daffodils have bloomed here!


forevergreek Tue 11-Dec-12 13:11:09

Ah ok. Then I would suggest what someone else mentioned and try an Easter break. Easter this year 2013 is pretty early actually but not sure when school half terms are. If you book a high resort there should be plenty of snow still and will be a lot cheaper.

Best hotels/ chalets are if there is a ski in/ski out option as then once they have the basic hang of how to ski you can leave straight from the door instead of walking/ busing to lifts

clam Tue 11-Dec-12 12:40:33

We are restricted to half term as dh and I are teachers and our kids are doing GCSE and A'levels. No chance of nipping off in term time!

forevergreek Tue 11-Dec-12 12:38:08

See £3000 seems a lot for that. As we are paying £700 each ( so £2800 for 4), and that's full lift passes in large resorts, 5 star all inclusive chalets, and private transfers from airport, and flights of course. So that's the difference one week can make

TheWave Tue 11-Dec-12 12:37:31

Feb half term very expensive, so maybe try for a catered chalet first week of Easter in a high resort, e.g. Tignes, Val Thorens, Obergurgl, etc.

Get kit from Aldi/Lidl when they have the ski week (Aldi at the moment??).

clam Tue 11-Dec-12 12:33:15

We always go in February half term and, by booking everything independently, manage to keep costs down to around the £3000 mark. That's for two adults, 2 teenagers (who now count as adults so cost more for ski-hire etc), self-catering 3-4* in France. We don't have lessons anymore though, which makes a difference. Lift pass price depends on the size of resort, as beginners you won't need a pass that covers the whole of the 3 valleys for instance. Ours our £150 each (no kids' prices anymore sad ) for access to 180km of piste, which is plenty for us.

forevergreek Tue 11-Dec-12 09:41:43

Yes half term can be double ( we are going the week before!). But like I said try looking early and you never know what deals you will find. It's the lift passes which really hit now, £240 an adult in most of France and about £190 a child. So remember to add at least £200 each ontop for passes and £100 for hire of skis etc

SparkleSoiree Tue 11-Dec-12 08:11:05

Thanks for the tips, not really into the apres ski nowadays with the kids in tow - do just like spending all our time with them as we don't get to do that much. Sensible to look at 2014 I think, a good family orientated resort and although I am thinking February half term am I right in thinking the prices may also be higher around then?

Was getting quite excited until yesterday when DD5 said "I dont like this cold feeling on my face" whilst out walking. Perhaps mummymeister's suggestion of a ski lesson or two is a good idea!

mummymeister Sun 09-Dec-12 15:07:39

the thing to bear in mind that what you probably really enjoyed before kids - the apres ski - is a lot trickier with them. only you can decide how important it is but if it is look for something that includes child care. also you are probably going in school hols? so agree with forever that you are really looking at 2014 rather than 2013. have you thought of taking them to a ski place in the UK for a few lessons first to see if they like it?

forevergreek Sun 09-Dec-12 12:38:17

We are going end of jan to France. Cost around £700 each for an all inclusive chalet, flights and ski passes/ hire

A child usually costs less, but add of ski classes and it's about the same

Look for 2014 from next year though, as we booked in August this year and that's how we got half price lift passes and 30% of holiday each. I Think those deals for 2013 already gone

LIZS Sun 09-Dec-12 12:34:28

You'd probably be looking at 4k plus depending on resort and lift passes. As long as weather is ok then most kids enjoy it once the basics come easier but typically 3rd day is when they feel most tired and demotivated. Go for a resort with indoor pool, winter walks, toboggan runs, ice palace etc which give alternative activities for the odd afternoon off.

SparkleSoiree Sun 09-Dec-12 12:29:19

Used to ski 25 years ago in Scotland but stopped after moving south, life, kids, etc.

Now we want to go on more activity based holidays and our DDs want to learn how to ski so we thought why not take it up again - two birds one stone kind of thing.

Having never gone abroad can anyone suggest either a good location to restart or a good company in which to book through? How much would you expect to pay February time for a week skiing and do kids aged 5 and 12 really enjoy it or is the thought more enjoyable for them?!

Any advice greatly appreciated!

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