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Egypt. It seems very cheap for all inclusive next august! Why is that?

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CwtchesAndCuddles Thu 06-Dec-12 14:39:11

I spent a lot of time in the United Arab Emirates growing up as my dad worked there. In July / August we hardly went outside it was just too hot!!!

I would never go to Egypt in the summer.

whyno Thu 06-Dec-12 08:09:20

We cancelled a holiday to Egypt a couple of weeks ago because the Foreign Office have upgraded the terror threat. According to the news a terror attack is now not only possible but described as 'likely'. The resorts are still supposed to be safe but it was just too much risk for us with a baby. Probably would have still gone if it was just us mind!

imnotoldimvintage Mon 03-Dec-12 21:39:20

there's two key things here- firstly, as simple as it sounds, Easyjet fly to Egypt. That brings the entire cost of the holiday down a few hundred pounds, as all the other airlines have to match.

Then, as people have rightly mentioned, Egypt has received a lot of bad press recently...however, we went to Sharm el Sheikh last year and saw none of it. Most of the problems are based in Cairo.

We loved it! watch the food though...especially the Burger King at Sharm airport!!!

celebmum Mon 03-Dec-12 11:39:00

Just to add yep, it'll e boiling at that time of year! grin

We honeymooned in Egypt (south, Marsa Alam) during early sept (few yrs ago!) and it was soooo hot that it felt like I was melting just walking round the pool for breakfast! Had a great time still, and loved every burning minute!

SooticaTheWitchesCat Mon 03-Dec-12 11:32:20

There is no way I would go to Egypt in August, it is mega hot!

ihatethecold Sat 01-Dec-12 15:21:50

well your posts have definitely put me off Egypt at that time of year.

thanks, i knew it was hot but i didn't realise quite how hot!

akaemmafrost Sat 01-Dec-12 15:08:08

We went to Dubai in summer it was ridiculously hot. Dd used to cry when it was time to leave the house even to walk 6 ft to an air conditioned car.

However we spent two days at a Water Park and that was fine. Water was cold so your body adjusted accordingly when you got out. When you got hot again you just went back in the water. Was completely bearable. We had a great time. Not much sight seeing though just too hot.

CheeseStrawWars Sat 01-Dec-12 15:04:43

Go to Google News. Put in "Egypt". Have a read. Maybe it'll have blown over by next August, maybe it'll be civil war, who knows...

HanSolo Sat 01-Dec-12 14:57:44

We went to Egypt in August and it was over 45 every day, even got up to 54 one day!
It was fine btw, but I wouldn't take children.

KenDoddsDadsDog Sat 01-Dec-12 14:54:57

It is stupidly hot in August. Depending upon where in Egypt as well, not everywhere is affected by the revolution. Sharm has continued as normal.

goralka Sat 01-Dec-12 14:52:42

you would have to spend most of the day sitting in an air-conditioned hotel room.....

goralka Sat 01-Dec-12 14:51:17

be as hot as Hades.....

Labootin Sat 01-Dec-12 14:49:27

A FB friend was bragging the other day about the AMAZEBALLS deal she got for Dubai in August.

Until I pointed out Ramadan and the fact it would be 50 degrees ... Durrr

Frontpaw Sat 01-Dec-12 14:47:38

And the fact that politically, its a bit unstable! And very very hot in August.

Labootin Sat 01-Dec-12 14:46:31

Ridiculously hot ( I live in Dubai and return to the uk in July and august to escape the heat) (I have noted your user name btw so this may not be such a problem ) but potential continuing political unrest would be the deal breaker for me.

ihatethecold Sat 01-Dec-12 14:42:23

that would make sense. thanks

chipsandpeas Sat 01-Dec-12 14:41:19

it will be that boiling to the point where lying by the pool is too hot - i was in sharm in sept and it was hitting 37 degrees + every day

theres a lot of hotels that have on site waterparks thats good for the kids (and adults)

beeny Sat 01-Dec-12 14:29:01

August in Egypt is cheaper than winter as its boiling.

ihatethecold Sat 01-Dec-12 14:24:09

I can do all inclusive for 4 of us staying at a posh hotel for under 2 grand.

Is it so cheap because tourism is struggling after the revolution. are people scared to travel there.
I looked on the fco website and it isn't really clear on whether you should be going to the south Sinai area.

People must be going there as TripAdvisor has lots of recent reviews.

Also which resort is best for families. I dont want it too are 12 and 9


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