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Taking UK car seats to North America - ok insurance wise?

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Waswondering Wed 05-Apr-06 12:38:25

We're spending Christmas/new year in Canada with family. We will have an awful lot of driving, and will be making a return trip to the airport "alone" (ie the four of us) which will take 2-3 days. We're therefore hiring a car and will need two car seats.

Does anyone know if it's ok to take your own car seats to Canada, and put them in a hire car? A colleague suggested that there could be insurance implications if the North American system of fixings and fittings is different from ours. I know that there is an isofix style over there, but we're talking about taking a maxi cosi stage 1 (9m-4y) and a britax rock a tot, the type that fasten with the passenger belts (ie not isofix).

We were being quoted approx $300 to hire the seats, hence the idea to take our own, just to clarify. At least with our own we also know how they work.

Anyone with any experience? I would be most grateful!

DaddyCool Wed 05-Apr-06 12:43:06

i want to know this too - bump.

apparently canada has changed it's rules on this recently.

i'm taking over our car seat to canada in May. I really don't want to buy another one.

Waswondering Wed 05-Apr-06 16:57:50

Bumping this for North Americans coming online . . .

Gem13 Wed 05-Apr-06 17:20:32

Can you contact the car hire you were planning to use?

We had such a rubbish carseat when we hired a car in Georgia we went out and bought another one.

TheBlonde Wed 05-Apr-06 17:46:57

I would take my own seats personally

Here is some info

TheBlonde Wed 05-Apr-06 17:48:42

Last paragraph says you don't have to use latch so your own seats should be fine

LizP Wed 05-Apr-06 20:08:17

I always take the rock-a-tot - but have found that some american cars don't have seat belts long enough in the back and airbags in the front - so had to change cars. This was a few years ago with ds1 - now have so much stuff that ds3 takes it and it is fine as we just get one of those giant SUVs.

Waswondering Wed 05-Apr-06 21:52:41

TheBlond - thanks for that link - it's useful.

Will contact the carhire folks and see what they say. The fact that we know the history of our own seats was also appealing.

Interesting . . .

scienceteacher Wed 05-Apr-06 21:56:42

Don't know about Canada, but technically in the USA, you need USA approved seats.

TheBlonde Wed 05-Apr-06 22:14:48

Yes technically in the UK you can only use EU approved seats
However what is the likelihood of someone stopping you and checking that your seat has whatever standard - it just doesn't happen

Waswondering Fri 26-May-06 08:52:34

Just bumping this again for any other words of wisdom/experience . . .

pegasus Fri 26-May-06 09:47:51

Sorry to hijack the thread but does anyone know this regarding the USA?

TinCan Fri 02-Jun-06 21:49:15

Personally I would just go with your own seat since you know its history and how to use it. But if insurance is a concern for you and the rental company policy isn't clear, then maybe try contacting the carseat companies.

Britax seats are sold in the US. I would call Britax USA and ask them. The website is & their customer service number is 1-888-427-4829.

I think maxi cosi is also sold in the US - try a web search (I would have looked for you but my online access is very slow today for some reason).

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