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Best baby carrier for traveling.

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EdwardtheEagle Wed 21-Nov-12 05:16:46

I have a mai tai wrap and a stokke mycarrier and I can't get on with either of them for 6.5 month dd. I need a quick in and out on my own type carrier, ideally not a sling/fabric one for traveling and days out. Any suggestions?

vvviola Wed 21-Nov-12 05:25:05

I'm not sure if it's suitable from that age - but I use a scootababy with DD2 (10kg, 15 months) and used it for her sister from about 18 months. I use it in addition to, rather than instead of a buggy. It's a hip and back carrier and very easy to use.

The other thing we use, but again maybe for an older child - is one of those rucksack type ones. DH loves it, and both DDs have loved being up high & able to see.

shuckleberryfinn Wed 21-Nov-12 06:10:31

how about something like a manduca or some other structured soft carrier? Actually have you ever been to a sling meet or library? There may be a way to get your mei tai working for you, sometimes a little help to make small tweaks to putting them on suddenly makes them much easier to use.

afterdinnerkiss Wed 21-Nov-12 07:00:59

manducas are the best. seriously. ``M``shape positioning of the baby's legs keeps the growing spine free of pressure -baby is supported comfortably on its thighs. inbuilt newborn flap which is just wonderful. strong but soft fabric, neck support flap, zip that changes height of carrier when the baby is older and looks around. wish i had had this when DC was teensy. she still sleeps in it now at one year. (gringrin a how strong i have become)

three carriers i also have tried but found seriously shite not so good: (but of course try them yourself with an expert)

baby björn - please do not get one for a little baby - i see so many women in the uk with this - the front-facing positon puts pressure on the baby's soft spine and can lead to malformation. plus the lack of intimacy with baby not being able to nuzzle against you.

babba sling - actually great if you know how to use it and have no boobs. if you are busty, the baby sort of sinks beneath your breasts and gets a bit lost. but i never got the hang of this and felt really daft.

ergo - not too bad , similar to the manduca and comes in pretty colourways. but the newborn insert (which you dont need now) is a real faff and i couldn't have my DC in the insert without her wheezing. and no adjustable height for different sizes babies which is why the insert is required. not as good as the manduca for sleeping in as i find that the upper edge of the back support comes in quite low, not as comfy for a sleepy baby as the manduca.

hope this helps a bit.

Namechangeforapropertythread Wed 21-Nov-12 07:08:42

I loved our ergo. Took small person to Australia, Kew, a ton of national trust places, tubes etc in it. Agree newborn insert a faff but great after a couple of months (we used a wrap when she was small) and lasted 2 in it now!

EdwardtheEagle Wed 21-Nov-12 12:04:31

Great advice thank you. Anyone know how easy the manduca is to get on by yourself?

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