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Going away for Christmas/NY (no kids) any suggestions?

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AlwaysWantingMore Sun 11-Nov-12 10:07:43

Hi all

To cheer us up, we were thinking about going away for Christmas and/or New Year. We just cannot decide where to go! Budget up to £4 - 5000 although I had thought about £2k.

Our thoughts

- I originally fancied NY but flights before Christmas are pretty expensive and apparently the Times Square NY is not all its cracked up to be on TV - very cold and lots of waiting around I hear

- Las Vegas - we loved this on a previous visit but again I have heard that the 'street party' at NY is horrible, full of druggies and thugs

- Berlin - apparently the NY street party and atmosphere is awesome. It seems they know it as the prices are jacked up but it could be a contender

- somewhere sunny (Teneriefe or somewhere similar?) I guess just to have a quiet/sunny time to ourselves. Alternatively maybe the Caribbean although I'm not keen on the long flight

- skiing - DH keen on this. I'm not sure. Have you ever been skiing just as a couple? Is it odd? I thought you were meant to go in groups

We have done a major longhaul already this year so the thought of long flights (Thailand etc) fills me with a slight dread.

Any suggestions? I have never been away for Christmas or New Year before, and am slightly concerned it will be a bit of an odd feeling, but I would really rather not spend it here at home for various reasons...


SlightlySuperiorPeasant Sun 11-Nov-12 14:53:45

Zermatt in Switzerland. You cannot get more Christmassy and the skiing is excellent.

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