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Toddler earphones for flight?

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EldonAve Fri 02-Nov-12 13:56:41

mine have these jvc

Hersetta Fri 02-Nov-12 13:30:33

I must admit I wouldn't dream of putting a DVD player on without headphones. DD has a pair of these which she happily wears - they come in other colours too.

HappyJoyful Thu 01-Nov-12 13:12:03

We flew last month with a 21mo old and I'm (embarrassed now perhaps) to say I did think of earphones but for no more than a brief second and we subjected our fellow passengers to Peppa Pig dvd for at least an hour. As you say, I think we just felt it was better than the alternative. No one seemed to bat an eyelid - it was a small portable dvd player and wasn't particularly loud at all. My sister lent us the dvd player and she didn't mention earphones and had recently flown with her 2yo so I assume she also used it.

I'm assuming they wont have their own seat ? But, try and see if you can get one would be my first tip - flutter eyelids at air hostesses, ask and you might find they help if the flight isn't busy.

A new book, magazines, stickers work for us (preferably Peppa Pig related!) crayons to scribble on the magazine and plenty of snacks (of any kind - forget healthy related or routine and you'll find you are more relaxed and then they are relaxed)

Overall, all I can say is we've flown quite a bit now with our DD (normally followed by a coach journey and then a 5.5hr train journey) and I always get stressed thinking what have I done and oh no now she can walk or something or whatever it's going to be far harder - but every time we've been really surprised, she's loved the train and looking out the window and the plane too, make it fun, tell them what's happening and I really believe the more relaxed you can be the easier it will, they are very adaptable and it doesn't matter for instance if they are up at 3am going to the airport or 10pm at night or whatever time your flight is, they'll hopefully then sleep for some of the journey!

Christmas78 Thu 01-Nov-12 12:50:40

Hello all, I wonder if you can help? I am flying to Egypt in January with a then 18 month old. We're taking an old small laptop we hope to be able to record Peppa Pig etc onto. But I've just thought - I'm sure I can't put earphones on a baby so young and the rest of the passengers aren't going to want to listen to Peppa Pig (although they might when they realise what they'll be listening to otherwise smile. Has anyone get any ideas? What do you do? And any other tips for keeping him entertained on the five hour flight and three hour coach transfer (what was I thinking?!) x

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