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SueW Thu 03-Jan-02 10:55:06

DH is working in Geneva next week and has to stay over the weekend. I'm thinking of taking our 5yo daughter out to join him for the weekend.

He's been there before but many years ago, in LBK (life before kids) and of course has no idea of what will be there to amuse her.

As we won't arrive until late on Friday night and will have to leave on Sunday lunchtime (flight about 1pm) we don't need a huge amount to do, just something for the Saturday. What's unmissable?

Any tips?


bigmamaward Thu 03-Jan-02 11:29:16

Hi Sue - I lived in Geneva for most of my adolesence and it's a slightly odd place, particularly for kids. The most exciting thing is the Jet d'eau which is unfortunately switched off in the winter. The old town is quite picturesque but a bit hilly and in this weather not much fun for a five year old I suspect. If she like museums there a few but I must say I never went to any of them. The best bet may be to hire a car and go to either the Lindt chocolate factory or the Chateau de Chillon which is quite a nice castle about an hour away. Or you could take a boat tour f they operate in the winter, again I am not sure about this. Your best bet may be to call the Swiss consulate and see if they can point somethign out for you. I do remember my mother finding it very tough to amuse my sister who was aged 4-10 when we were there and bemoaning the lack of child-friendly restaurants as well. Good luck!!

SueW Thu 03-Jan-02 22:55:09

Thank you!

The Lindt factory sounds lovely, particularly since Lindt 70% is my favourite, and the tour would be an interesting contrast no doubt to Cadburyworld where DD spent her 5th birthday a couple of weeks ago having 'won' a Golden Ticket in a bar of chocolate she received from a friend

I'll do a trawl around the web and see if I can find anything.

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