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Disneyland Paris next week! ;)

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andy84 Tue 23-Oct-12 22:22:43

We're away to dlp next Sunday for 4 days, 3 nights, were not in Any food plan deal? I'm taking crisps, snacks etc.... In my case for the kids during the day, but I'm think about £120 for tea each night? We get breakfast, is that enough? My kids (4 & 10)have there own money £100 each, I'm planning on taking another £1000 also, is that enough? Anyone been recently?
Thanks ;)

sunnyday123 Tue 23-Oct-12 23:26:40

Wow that's loads! It is expensive but most of the cost is treats etc. you can get lunch such as pizza and McDonald's etc for €40 for all of you. At lunch we got say 2 large pizzas and 2 chips and all shared. Tea was about €18 per head per adult and €12 child if you bought the hotel buffet which was fine. Eating in resort was far more expensive. It depends what you want- we spent most of our time doing the rides & activities, food was merely fuel so didn't really care where we ate. We went 5 days, didn't go budget and no way spent 1k!

andy84 Wed 24-Oct-12 08:09:50

I was hoping someone would say that, smile I have been reading heaps off reviews & a lot off people say £2/3 grand! Omg!! As you say, I'm not fussed about food either & quite happy to live off macdonslds & pizzas for 4 days, my kids will spend every day each day going on rides & were staying in Disney New York so we have swimming we can do also!! 10 sleeps..... ;) xx

hotelsincavan Mon 05-Nov-12 10:03:31

Wow! It's a very nice and wonderful destination. I am happy that you got a chance to go there next week and to enjoy breaks.

mummymeister Mon 05-Nov-12 20:28:13

remember it can be just as chilly there as in the UK so take plenty of layers and waterproofs. we went in November the first time and got a bit caught out by how "british" the weather was. loads to do though so you will have a brilliant time.

iwastooearlytobeayummymummy Mon 05-Nov-12 20:31:42

It can very cold this time of year as the East wind blows in so best be prepared.Have fun!

cathpip Mon 05-Nov-12 20:33:35

We are going next week too, soooo excited!!

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