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Hilton Honors points

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ihatethecold Mon 15-Oct-12 11:12:06

I'm staying at a couple of Hilton hotels in the US in 2 weeks and i have recently joined the loyalty club.
I booked through Virgin Holidays and wanted to know if i can still get the points even though its already booked.
how do i claim them? do i do it at the hotels?
also, i don't have a card just a membership number. will this matter?


AttilaTheMeerkat Mon 15-Oct-12 11:25:56

Virgin may be able to cross reference your Hilton HHonors card with their hotels booking. You can tell the clerk on check in that you are a HHonors member and they should note your card on their booking systems.

This is HHonors phone number for the UK - 08457 466677

It does not matter that you do not have a membership card; it should be sent to you.

ihatethecold Mon 15-Oct-12 11:46:33

thanks attila

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