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Do I need to take a car seat for use on busses/taxies in Florida?

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Chendy Sat 29-Sep-12 17:47:37

I will be going to Florida in June with my 3 month old. I'm just thinking will I need to take a car seat to use on the busses that are provided to take you to the parks or if we use the local taxi services? I was planning on taking a buggy and didn't really want to have to take a car seat aswell.

I was just wondering if they allowed the baby to sit on the parents knee?

PaintingTheFlowersRed Sun 30-Sep-12 21:28:10

On the Disney buses (if you are staying in a Disney hotel) to the parks you could have baby in a car seat but you can't attach it to the bus seat as there aren't any seatbelts. So you could either sit with baby on your knee or sit with baby in a car seat and have the car seat on your knee, I've seen people do both. You have to fold down any buggies before you get on the buses.

I don't know about the buses provided by resorts off the Disney property, from I-drive for example, I think they would be fine with baby on your knee though.

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