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menorca, which are the nicest resorts?

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alibo Wed 22-Mar-06 12:01:42

thinking of taking ds, age2 to menorca in september. have never been before, and have looked at resorts like cala galdana and cala n bosch, anyone got any favourites?

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noddyholder Wed 22-Mar-06 12:06:53

I went to menorca last september and we stayed in Fornells.It was really beautiful lovely weather food shops etc we are definitely going backxx

sandyballs Wed 22-Mar-06 12:08:59

We also went to Fornells, very nice.

Yorkiegirl Wed 22-Mar-06 12:09:45

Message withdrawn

fimbo Wed 22-Mar-06 12:18:51

We stayed at Santo Tomas-here is some info . It is very very quiet, just one long street really. Most of the entertainment is centred around this hotel where we stayed, which is a Thomson Superfamily hotel with lots of entertainment and kids clubs etc.

crazydazy Wed 22-Mar-06 12:20:24

We went to Cala N Forcat and it was absolutely brilliant, the best holiday we have had, the kids loved it because there was much for them to do, there were different kinds of bouncy castles and soft play areas where we could sit and relax and just watch them. There is a great waterpark too in Forcat which DD thought was the best ever.

We also went to Cieutadella for the day, a little harbour village and that was beautiful.

Menorca was such a clean resort, we are definitely going back next year as this year we are going to Portugal.

Billster Wed 22-Mar-06 14:07:06

Will watch your thread with interest alibo as we have been trying to decide for about a month! So far we have considered Son Bou, Binibeca and Arenal D'en Castell (for June). We want somewhere on the beach (or very close by) to return back for naps and then we can go off exploring in the afternoon with a hire car.

alibo Wed 22-Mar-06 19:00:01

thanks for info; fornells itself does look v.nice, but not sure if there would be much for ds, as we will be looking to stay in a villa. want somewhere not too commercialised, but perhaps still with the odd play area,etc to go to for ds.
crazydaisy, were the play areas in calan forcat in the resort itself or where you were actually staying?
ta in advance, any more recommendations gratefully received!!

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BonyM Wed 22-Mar-06 19:09:07

We stayed in Playa de Fornells when dd1 was 3. It was lovely - a few decent restaurants and small sandy beach and within walking distance of Fornells itself for a larger selection of restaurants and shops.

It's only a small island and well worth hiring a car as it takes hardly any time to get from one part to another.

crazydazy Wed 22-Mar-06 21:00:27

alibo - no there were play areas and bouncy castles around all the bars, it was great because we could sit and watch them and have a drink at the same time. Menorca is so great because its been designed especially for families, there were no groups or trouble, it was really good and I would recommend it totally

Kayleigh Wed 22-Mar-06 21:07:53

I think Menorca is beautiful - and so great for kids. We went to Arenal d'en Castell last summer and are going back again this year. Loads to do for kids - my boys are 7 and 4. Before that we went to Cala Galdana, which is also lovely.

Last year we hired a car and saw most of the island - it's quite small so only takes and hour and a half to get from one side to the other.

alibo Fri 24-Mar-06 21:26:22

have decided to stay in arenal or cala galdana; anyone recommend a self catering apt or villa. need at least 2 bedrooms.

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spursmum Fri 24-Mar-06 21:30:41

Im with crazydazy. Cala'n Forcat is wonderful.
Great resturants, nice little alcove beaches, the waterpark, bars. I went with my family ranging from 5 years old to 45!! Something for everyone.

Billster Fri 24-Mar-06 21:58:54

Try this site for some places.

I've also found the forum on this site really helpful:


alibo Sun 26-Mar-06 09:23:24

thanks for tips folks; did look at cala n forcat, cala n blanes but decided to go for arenal or galdana in the end for the beaches there. ds, 2, at the moment is not keen on large swimming pools etc, but loves the beach. may start another thread on accomadtion in these resorts. thanks again!

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Mfer Mon 27-Mar-06 16:23:12

SOn bou for us we went three years on the trot - beautiful beach great food - fab!!
NB beach is gently shelving so v safe for littleones mine were 18 months and 3 the last time we went.

zephyrcat Mon 27-Mar-06 16:31:26

Hiya we stayed in Cala Galdana quite a few years ago now but absolutely loved it.... am trying to find the naem of the apartments we stayed in as they were lovely too...

letsgomenorca Tue 21-May-19 19:01:27

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