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Self guided walking holidays

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5Foot5 Thu 27-Sep-12 12:57:16

We are vaguely interested in doing one of these next year - though we haven't settled where yet. Thinking of the sort of thing where you do 6 - 7 days walking, staying in hotels or similar where the company move your luggage on for you. Just easy to moderate not massively strenuous.

We are thinking Europe.

Anyone done one of these or know anyone who has? Can you recommend any good companies.

Am I right in thinking that Tuscany would be far too hot in August to consider this sort of thing?

jellibelli Fri 28-Sep-12 10:28:04

I haven't done a walking holiday (DCs wouldn't co-operate confused) with them but we did have a gite holiday with Inntravel a few years ago and I thought they were fab.

We got a named individual to help with our booking and any further contact with the company. They also sent a great selection of maps for our break in the Dordogne.

Not sure if you have DCs but the idea of taking little DCs on their first walking holiday with a donkey was a trick we missed, which meant we couldn't talk them into it when they were big enough to have an opinion.

Never been to Tuscany so can't help you with that decision. Have fun!

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