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Have you ever booked anything lastminute at Christmas time?

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peterrabbitismyfriend Sat 22-Sep-12 21:39:52

I would love for our family to go away at Christmas, somewhere in the sun, maybe Canaries or similar. We have two small children, a 1 year old and 4 year old.

We never know if DH is going to able to come or not until the last minute due to his work commitments, so we end up doing nothing, as I can't book anything in advance.

I am wondering about trying to get something very last minute, like booking on the 27th/28th December and leaving for a week on Saturday 29th December.

Would this be possible or very pricey or might we even find a great offer? Has anyone ever booked anything very last minute at Christmas or am I on a road to nowhere with this idea?

mummymeister Sun 23-Sep-12 23:08:01

To get anywhere with real sun as opposed to pleasantly warm you will have to go a fair old way not just a couple of hour flight. we tend to go to florida dec/jan because it is around 26 degrees which we find ideal. however, flights get booked up really quick as it is so busy then plus we have just booked to go away on the 29th dec and the price is almost double what it is in Dec. if you could fly on the 1st or 2nd jan you would find it a lot cheaper. suggest you have a look at climate websites to work out what temp you want first then start hitting the keyboard to find prices. would say that overall this time of year is the same prices as school summer hols but you might be lucky and get a bargain.

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