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easter in scotland

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webmum Mon 20-Mar-06 10:10:48

we're thinking of going to scotland for a few days during the easter weekend but have never been and we ahve no idea where to go. Also how to go, train, plane or drive?

we have 2 dds, 5 and 18 months and will be travelling from london, any ideas tips, suggestions warmly welcome!!

seb1 Mon 20-Mar-06 13:32:22

What sort of things do you like doing, i.e city break or outdoor stuff

fimbo Mon 20-Mar-06 13:40:10

What about Edinburgh?
My friend has stayed here .
You can get around Edinburgh quite easily on foot and with a buggy. If you want to go further afield you would need a car but bear in mind it takes 6-8hrs to travel from London to Scotland which really means you lose a day either side on your holiday. You can get cheap flights to Scotland from Standsted.
(I am Scottish btw although I now live in England)

pesme Mon 20-Mar-06 13:47:57

would be a nice time to go to the highlands (i.e. no midgies). you can fly to inverness. It is baltic up here at the minute but hopefully by then it will have warmed up.

nailpolish Mon 20-Mar-06 13:49:04

GNER east coast line is the easiest way to get from london kings cross to scotland. its fast and fairly reliable, nice big seats and a restaurant/buffet car. i have often travelled to london on the gner (i live on the east coast mainline)

flying is a bit of a pita, glasgow airport is fine but edinburgh has no links to edinburgh apart from buses, and its quite a bit out of the city. other airports like dundee and aberdeen dont have a very good service.

and driving may take too long, unless you have a couple of stops overnight, at the very least

nice places to go on the gner east coast line are edinburgh (which is expensive), perth, pitlochry and aviemore

my choice would be pitlochry.

this is a nice hotel (i think it has family rooms)

so is this

there is loads of things to do in pitlochry

hope this helps x

fimbo Mon 20-Mar-06 13:52:54

Ah but NP the Edinburgh airlink bus only takes about 30 mins to get to Waverley which is only a stone's throw from the apts I linked to. You would need a car to go futher afield in Pitlochry tbh I don't think Pitlochry has that much to do and it is a long way for a weekend.

nailpolish Mon 20-Mar-06 13:56:40

yeah but

if i was going to edinburgh i would get the train. if you include checkin at the airport, etc, etc, and the train can be very enjoyable. i think GNER is excellent

and i am edinburgh's biggest fan so i will have to agree with you fimbo

there are lots of things to do in edinburgh, the museums have kids stuff, and yes its fairly easy to get around with a buggy

these apts look nice fimbo

nailpolish Mon 20-Mar-06 13:59:06

kids stuff in april in edinburgh

fimbo Mon 20-Mar-06 14:01:09

Ok. Sorted then, Edinburgh and by the train! . If you go to Edinburgh by train, the apts I linked are close to Waverley station. The apts are within walking distance of all the major attractions Edinburgh has to offer and the shops!. Where's Expat??????????????
Good attraction

nailpolish Mon 20-Mar-06 14:01:18

sorry crap link

if you type in age 5 and the dates you will get a list of easter egg hunts, science museum stuff, pottery painting, butterfly world (there is a good bus service to this), circus, city farm etc

nailpolish Mon 20-Mar-06 14:02:06

OOOOOOOOOOOOh i forgot about dynamic earth

and the zoo is great too (good bus to this too)

nailpolish Mon 20-Mar-06 14:04:04

nice hotel and i think they have free kids places, and family rooms

fimbo Mon 20-Mar-06 14:07:17

Princess Street Gardens . Usually lots going on here and there is a small children's play area as well. Good for eating picnics or sandwiches from M & S!

fimbo Mon 20-Mar-06 14:08:25

NP I think we have scared Webmum away!

grumpyfrumpy Mon 20-Mar-06 14:10:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nailpolish Mon 20-Mar-06 14:12:45

lol at you eating m and s sarnies in princes st gardens - that is a true edinburgh pastime!

and at you fimbo its princes not princess

webmum? are you still there???

janinlondon Mon 20-Mar-06 14:14:01

I have been looking for travel London to Edinburgh for the Easter weekend too, but have yet to find any cheap (enough) flights or even train tickets to beat good old driving. We usually leave in the early evening (after work/school) and drive through the night.

fimbo Mon 20-Mar-06 14:14:06

. My spelling and grammar are the pits on here today

nailpolish Mon 20-Mar-06 14:16:20

fimbs, there is a princess st somewhere, is it glasgow or dundee?

fimbo Mon 20-Mar-06 14:17:38

Princess Square in Glasgow

nailpolish Mon 20-Mar-06 14:18:28

there you go then

you must have been thinking of that place

fimbo Mon 20-Mar-06 14:20:20

Homesickness dahl

nailpolish Mon 20-Mar-06 14:23:05

webcam just for fimbo

aye its fell dreich

fimbo Mon 20-Mar-06 14:24:51

I am being dragged away to watch Teletubbies (wretched things) - see ya!

webmum Mon 20-Mar-06 16:56:25

hi all

thanks for the suggestions, I was beginning tot hink edinburgh was a good bet, since we've never been and we have a baby in tow.

i like your recommendation grumpyfrumpy, might just be what we want.
Ideally we would have liked a hotel with babylistening, but haven't seen anything on the web, but an partment with take aways and video might be a decent alternative!!

Are links to the airport so bad? how much would be a taxi to the city centre?

Im having after thoughts about the train because of the baby....and I've checked the times and it arrives a bit late in the morning with dh having to rush into work and me (probably shattered) ahving to haul luggage and kids all the way home....)

thanks a lot to everyone and keep them coming!!

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