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Family holiday in Caribbean? Or elsewhere?

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irregularegular Thu 20-Sep-12 10:46:23

So, I've started hankering after the kind of holiday I've never been interested in before: guaranteed warm sunshine (in April), beautiful warm sea, me doing very little and the children (ages 9 and 10) off entertaining themselves or being entertained elsewhere. I've been eye-ing up AI resorts in the Caribbean (really don't know what's come over me - I'm usually much more an independent travel, sight-seeing, experience local culture kind of girl).

Sooooooo. I want warmth, relaxation, and beautiful surroundings for me and H - and plenty to occupy the children. I don't want to spend much more than 4K for all of us for the week AI (less if room only). I'm thinking of Verandah resort and spa in Antigua, but would love other recommendations.

Things I'm concerned about (not used to this kind of holiday) - will it be too hot and humid? is it too far to go for a week? will the food be rubbish? will the hotel be too big or too dull? is it just too much money?

So, if not the Caribbean, where else can we go? The problem is that Europe is just not warm enough in April. And though North Africa etc is interesting (we had a fascinating holiday in Morocco last April) I'm not sure it's the most beautiful, relaxing place to do nothing.

Ragwort Thu 20-Sep-12 10:50:41

What is there for the children to do? Kid's club/activities - that sort of thing?

We spent our honeymoon in the Caribbean and whilst it was lovely and relaxing blush - I wouldn't think there is much to occupy children.

Personally I wouldn't go back ....... found it a little bit boring to be honest; DH is talking about returning for our 25th anniversary next year grin, I would rather go somewhere a bit more exciting; but that's just me, if you are after sun & relaxation I am sure it is fabulous.

Fluffy1234 Thu 20-Sep-12 11:00:37

It won't be to humid or warm, the Caribbean at Easter is lovely. Egypt(cheaper) or Mexico could also be good choices for the type of holiday you are after. I have been to Caribbean with my children for a week, and twin centre for 10 days (2 different types of accommodation in st Lucia)and a fortnight (Cuba-Havana and then a beach resort). A week isn't to short as not to tiring as flying in the good direction so you just have a really long day the first day.
I love sightseeing and sunbathing/beach and have always managed to combine both activities on holidays I don't think you have to chose one or the other. We normally book a big trip or activity for every 3rd day and then enjoy all that the hotel has to offer on the other days. For instance Egypt worked well as flew to the Pyramids one day then a few days later went into the desert in a jeep. On the other days went snorkelling and did hotel activities. Next Easter we are going to Mexico for 2 weeks and visiting Chichen Itza, Tallum ruins and a few other sights and chilling on the beach etc.

irregularegular Thu 20-Sep-12 12:20:23

Thank you!

I'm now considering Egypt on the basis that it is nearer and less expensive. It's not as pretty, but maybe paying to fly to the Caribbean isn't worth it when I am mainly looking for sunshine and relaxation.

Can anyone recommend a nice, family-friendly but somewhat elegant resort hotel in Egypt?

lisad123 Thu 20-Sep-12 12:24:25

We got married and had honeymoon in Caribbean before the kids came, and it was great but certainly not something I would take kids too. Local areas can be dangerous so not allowed off complex and there wasn't much for kids onsite.
Personally as a family we liked the canary islands, but not sure on weather in April.

Fluffy1234 Thu 20-Sep-12 13:28:33

Wow I have never knew there were Caribbean Islands where you are not allowed out of the hotel. Where did you go?
I've always managed to do lots of exploring of the local area when I have been to the Caribbean with my children. St Lucia was particularly beautiful with lots to do and felt really safe.

charlearose Thu 20-Sep-12 16:30:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Grannylipstick Tue 25-Sep-12 20:51:20

We stayed at the reef oasis beach resort. Avoid. It was like butlins

Grannylipstick Tue 25-Sep-12 20:51:55

Sorry should have said it was in sharm. Egypt

marbeth Tue 25-Sep-12 20:55:29

Haved stayed at the Verandah. It is great, especially for children. The grounds are lovely and ds had great holiday.

mirry2 Tue 25-Sep-12 20:58:34

Go to the all inclusive hotel in Ochios Rios (Sp!), Jamaica. Lots for the kids to do and plenty of relaxing for the parents and the food is great. Never ending cocktails and as much ice cream and soft drinks as you want as well

suburbophobe Tue 25-Sep-12 21:13:08

Your kids are the right ages to really enjoy any of those places....

Caribbean is great, and every island is a different culture. Amazing adventures and wonderful people. Take no notice of the AIs that tell you it's dangerous outside the gates, they just want to promote their own hotel and entertainment.
It's expensive tho.

Egypt would be great - I took my DS last year on a ridiculously cheap deal.

Luxor - valley of the kings is the real deal, temples, tombs, balloon flight over the Nile at sunrise...a boat drifting down the Nile to a cafe on the west bank in the late afternoon...

They have hotels on the Nile with swimming pools etc.

You can do a day trip to Cairo and the pyramids/museum too.

You will be welcomed with open arms due to the dire tourist situation at the moment. The people are really lovely and friendly.

(I wouldn't even bother with the beach resorts there - concrete blocks in a sandpit, from what I've heard).

Doilooklikeatourist Wed 26-Sep-12 20:35:53

We went to Barbados for our honeymoon , and went back for our 10th anniversary with the children ( aged 9 & 7 at the time )
We stayed at the Almond Beach , which was lovely , loads for the children to do , a club for them with lovely activities (it was a long time ago , they are 17 and 15 now , so check it hasn't changed to a couples type place ! )
We have been to Antigua , and stayed at The Beach Club , again a family resort , with loads to do .
At both Islands we felt safe catching local buses , and walking around .

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