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Recommendations for Oct half term, with plenty of swimming for kids?

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KathrynK Wed 29-Aug-12 19:17:37

My DD#2 has finally agreed that swimming is a good idea, but with the local pool closed down we haven't got much done this summer, and when we have been to the next town it's been so busy, cold, and full of chlorine that it hasn't been much fun.

So I'm desperate to get us somewhere with a warm, safe pool/sea where the kids can play & swim all day fondly remembering holidays of my distant youth.

We're not made of cash, and we do like spending time with our own kids, so I'm not looking to put them into a club, but just a nice, gentle, easy going place with guaranteed warm(ish) water. Thanks for any suggestions. smile

theoriginalandbestrookie Fri 31-Aug-12 15:56:42

Well you could go abroad - temperature in Tenerife is lovely in October but you might want to find somewhere with a heated pool or how about Center Parcs, the pool is pretty much the highlight of the place and is nice and warm

KathrynK Tue 20-Nov-12 11:59:28

Went to Shorefield nr New Forest in the end. Got #2 swimming hurrah! See review in Review section.

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