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Have you taken a toddler to India?

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mariposa1 Wed 22-Aug-12 12:21:42

My dad's side of the family is from India and my cousin will be getting married there next February. It'll be a rare opportunity to get all the family together (there are loads of us dotted all around the world!) and I'd really like to go.

However, DS will be just 22 months then...Is that too young to take him? I'm not so concerned about the flight, as there will be a group of us travelling so hopefully lots of us to keep him entertained, but more about the risk of him getting ill...

Any opinions/tips gratefully received, thanks in advance!

kohl Sat 29-Sep-12 17:16:26

Do it! We've just got back from 2 months in India with our 21-23month old and it was amazing - she loved it, and travelling with her made it a much richer experience for us.
Where is the wedding?
My advice would be to take a sling, as you won't be able to use a buggy (no usable pavements) I'd really recommend a boba. Super comfortable - I carried her in it for hours at a time, and she napped happily in it.
Take a good selection of snacks, as depending where you are, food may be a problem if he's unused to the heat of Indian food.Our DD is used to highly spiced food, but not to chilli, so she ended up eating rice, roti and yoghurt for the first month. We took lots of the goodies/organix type bars and dried fruit snacks, but in most places you should be able to find a plate of chips, and take a penknife so that you can peel all the lovely fruit for him. (mmmm mangoes!)
We took loads of hand sanitizer and wipes, (including dettol wipes for train tables, etc) and were really grateful for them, and our obsessive washing her hands, I'm sure was what saved her from being ill (bar one projectile vomit at a restaurant).
Be prepared to be mobbed by people, but almost everyone was so delighted to see our toddler and made such a fuss of her, that I really didn't mind (most of the time) struggling to walk down a street without people pinching her cheeks and stroking her hair.
Get immunised. We all had jabs for rabies, (LOTS of stray dogs, everywhere, and a serious rabies problem), hep a, b and typhoid. We didn't travel to a high risk malaria area so didn't bother with anti malarials, as I really didn't want her to have them. But I did slap DEET on us all if we were out at dusk and dawn.
Take air con trains -1st class or 2-tier are great.
DD loved the sights, smells, animals, and just difference. I am so so so glad we did it and would, without hesitation, recommend travelling there with a toddler.
If you want any more specific advice please pm me, and I had some great advice on my thread here

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