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Help - Passports renewal application stuck at Durham Passport Office and we are traveling this Friday

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wujo Wed 18-Jul-12 22:22:10

hi all,

I am desperate!!!

Passports sent via PO Check and Send on the 2nd July.
Called the IPS 0300 number over 60 times today - got through a dozen times.
Cant escalate - can't get transferred to Durham.
Cant talk to anyone.

I am crying and feeling sick as it will ruined the holidays for my twin girls, my son, my husband and my mum.

Can someone help or know someone from the Durham office help us!? We prepare to drive up from Bristol tomorrow to pick them up if need be sad


Beckamaw Tue 31-Jul-12 14:03:32

Peterborough just called me regarding DDs passport. They have fixed our problem and are sending for arrival tomorrow. Left a landline number to call back. I'm willing to PM it if anyone needs it.

MrsApplepants Tue 31-Jul-12 14:43:12

Beckamaw, I'd like the number if possible. I cant pm You as in my phone. Thanks!

Eve Tue 31-Jul-12 16:38:24

this has caused me to worry,

renewal was sent by post office on 18th, they received it 20th , but saying not back with me til after 12th, we travel on the 10th?

If I call them can I get them to upgrade to fast track on the phone?

Eve Tue 31-Jul-12 16:39:01

...when 10 days are mentioned, is that 10 working days or calendar days?

Tinamid Tue 31-Jul-12 17:15:46

Yes Eve it's 10 working days from the day they receive
Your application, I sent mine check on send on 13th they received it on 17th, don't even bother trying to contact them before the tenth day, the only people benefitting will be BT ! On the 10th day (when eligible for upgrade) if everything ok u can pay 60.00 to receive pp in 48 hrs or 65.00 to receive in 24 hours by special delivery, so basically my advice is , sit tight until the 10th day and once through to Durham they do anything they can to help you, personally I think if u ask ips to transfer you before the 10th they let u think they are transferring u but I don't think they really do ! Good luck x

Tinamid Tue 31-Jul-12 17:19:47

Email them by tracking your passport in website and try calling them in Thursday that's your 10th day ! They say they will reply to your email for them to contact you within 48 hours ! They did contact me within this time if all ok with application etc they will check it and call u back saying u can upgrade , if all ok you could receive it by Friday or latest Monday !

Tinamid Tue 31-Jul-12 17:22:25

Email them by tracking your passport in website and try calling them in Thursday that's your 10th day ! They say they will reply to your email for them to contact you within 48 hours ! They did contact me within this time if all ok with application etc they will check it and call u back saying u can upgrade , if all ok you could receive it by Friday or latest Monday !

Izzy77 Tue 31-Jul-12 17:35:09

Will you PM me the number for Petersborough please Beckamaw?????

Izzy77 Tue 31-Jul-12 17:40:38

I sent mine on the 18th via the PO, they are saying that they didnt received it till the 23rd which is a complete joke as they should have received it the next day. Anyway my 10 working days is now Friday & I go away on Monday so its very tight for me. I am worried that there might be a problem & I wont get an upgrade. Very stressed!!!!!

Lotkinsgonecurly Tue 31-Jul-12 20:12:19

I managed to get through to Durham at just after 9 am this morning. Thought I'd try a few times despite having been promised a call back and was very surprised to talk to them. I was promised a call back within 48 hours to upgrade. However I also emailed my local MP and his office called them and said they would be calling me today. They did call and I've been told should have the passport this week as it was nearly completed. Feeling much more relieved.

Keep trying to get through to Durham, try first thing in the morning and you should get through. Once I did get through, they were so helpful. Staff there really are lovely and must be under so much pressure.

foxtrotyankee Tue 31-Jul-12 22:18:17

We had problems with our passport almost not coming on time but I discovered a very useful phone number, direct to Durham office, not to the call centre. Blogged about it today after various tweeters contacting me about it:

NoBloodyMore Wed 01-Aug-12 09:17:17

We're having the same problem with Liverpool, they've had my DS' first passport for 2.5 weeks now done via check & send. I'm still waiting on callbacks from Friday, Monday and now today, we fly next Wed, aaaargh. Looks like we'll have to pay to upgrade, how much is it to fast track it?

NoBloodyMore Wed 01-Aug-12 10:32:04

Just spoke to Liverpool, the guy wasn't massively helpful, said they can't fast track it as it's his first passport, will have to wait for somebody to phone me back but he would imagine it will be weekend at the earliest, they're working 7 days and they can't guarantee it will be here by next wed but will try sad we're supposed to be going with the in laws so if needs be DP will have to go with Ds & DD and I'll stay here with the baby angry

Busyevenforbee Wed 01-Aug-12 10:45:14

Durham office. Thank you very much foxtrotyankee, rang the number given. Got through fast enough even with the silent queue. Couldnt help me, so not sure if one get through to actual office, but was give nthe fax number for Durham office: 01913707140. Sent a fax this morning. Not happy, was trying to get them to call back since last Frioday, filled in the online forms, called the main number (they were supposed to email Durham). Done everything I could, guess waiting game for today. Will update if anything good happens via fax or calls...Good luck to all of you! Hope the matter will be resolved.

Izzy77 Wed 01-Aug-12 11:29:51

I got through on the number give by foxtrotyankee- thanks very much. Durham phoned me back & I will now receive my DSs passport on Friday before 1 by special delivery. I am now waiting on Petersborough phoning me back about mine.They have not been anywhere as helpful as Durham. The last girl was great & was away to dig out my passport & said she will phone me back in 2 hours so heres hoping.
The best advice I could give is to keep phoning & emailing. I have emailed about 20 everyday & lost count how many time I have phoned.
Good luck everyone!!!!!

Beckamaw Wed 01-Aug-12 12:36:12

Izzy - I have PM'd you. smile

Izzy77 Wed 01-Aug-12 14:45:12

I now will have both my passports on Friday. MY DSs from Durham & mine from Peterborough. I can now have my family holiday. Thanks to everyone for all your advice especially Beckamaw, I want to give you a big kiss!!!!!
Good luck to everyone else, just keeping phoning & emailing & you will eventually be put through to someone who wants to help & knows what they are talking about.

Wantingmyholiday Wed 01-Aug-12 14:55:34

Foxtrotyankee... Thanks for the number! Got through but to a rude lady who hung up on me before we got it sorted. Just been on hold for 12 mins and a friendly guy answered just before the call failed and I was cut off!!!! Aaarrgggfhhhh this is making me ill! So stressful! It's been there for 13 days, yesterday I was told it hadn't even been examined and today the woman said it had been issued and will arrive in the post soon. But I need guarantee it's going to come before Saturday so want to pay extra for 24 hour delivery from courier. No on hold on two phones. Good luck

Wantingmyholiday Wed 01-Aug-12 15:52:59

Got through again to a much more helpful lady who reassured me it's been printed and will be picked up by courier tonight. She said it was now to late for me to upgrade special delivery in 24 hours (the irony) and that it should come by Friday. If its not here by Friday am I've got to call back for a tracking number with the courier. She couldn't give me that now as its not actually with the courier yet. Fingers crossed. Thanks so much for the number as not one of my call backs from yest have called back yet!

Jul3kids Wed 01-Aug-12 17:04:47

Hi I also sent passport off to Durham 18 july told they received it 20 but told me I have to wait until Monday morning to ring them back and request upgrade, is the Durham office no the one starting 0845 or is there another one your all using the lady I spoke to said it would be no problem getting it next week if I paid

mrscopper Wed 01-Aug-12 17:13:25

Hope those that were waiting got their passports!!
I sent my son & daughters (1st passport) on 9th July the IPS received it on 11th but no other update apart from it's at Peterbrough office. I have rang everyday since Thurs and can't get put through to Peterbrough! Have also emailed for update but not heard back. Starting to panic after reading everybody's problems. Fly out on the 20th which gives me a couple of weeks but just want to fast track now to put my mind at ease, feel sick as I might miss my brothers wedding

Anybody have any luck getting through to Peterbrough or getting a call back from them?

Busyevenforbee Wed 01-Aug-12 17:14:51

Hello, again. I was given another fax number for Durham. The previous one 01913707140 is more centralised and takes ages to get to the Team, so the best one is 01913707070. Got a call back and the fax was mentioned. So looks like it was worth sending it. Fingers crossed, will get the passport by the end of the week. Good luck!

angelinterceptor Wed 01-Aug-12 17:24:52

for once, happy that my renewal here in NI got sent to the Belfast office. I used check & send for mine and my sons renewal.
They received it on 13th July, and I got them both back yesterday 31 July, so just about 2 weeks. Not bad.

The ordeal you are all going through with the Durham brance is appalling, wonder can you choose where it gets sent to - as it would seem that the Belfast office are processing them more quickly. I had good service with them last year too.

Beckamaw Wed 01-Aug-12 17:25:21

MrsCopper - see my PM grin

Izzy77 Wed 01-Aug-12 18:25:16

mrscopper-get the number from Backamaw, I got through on that today & mine was examined, upgraded & will be with me on Friday, I fly out on Monday morning at 6!!!!

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