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tiredemma Fri 12-Dec-03 21:10:08

im looking for a hotel in bath that is situated on the cresent, cant think of name of it and google is bringing up all hotels on earth with baths in!!!
i think its a 4* or 5* but, anyone been to bath who know of this hotel???

bossykate Fri 12-Dec-03 21:34:37

it's called the royal crescent - and lastminute sometimes do deals there. enjoy, i've always fancied staying there and bath is great.

willow2 Sun 14-Dec-03 23:32:12

It used to be a really special hotel - had my first wedding anniversary there and have been three times in total. However, the last time we went, a couple of years ago, it was nowhere near as nice. Had been taken over by some big hotel group and the service was patchy and the food was bloody awful and very expensive. Having said that, some of the rooms are quite stunning and the spa is fantastic - so if you go make sure you eat out!

FluffyMummy123 Fri 14-Sep-07 10:22:20

Message withdrawn

tiredemma Fri 14-Sep-07 10:27:01


blimey- what a blast from the past.

I ended up in London by the way.

and our car got towed from outside the hotel hmm

which cost £200 to get it out.

bossykate Fri 14-Sep-07 10:28:14

i see i'm always full of useful advice re accomm in bath! wink

why are you bumping bath threads?

tiredemma Fri 14-Sep-07 10:29:14

someone is looking for a nice hotel in Bath.

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