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Where to stay in Rome

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INeverSaidThat Mon 04-Mar-13 00:07:20

We stayed in hotel white too.... They have the builders confused. We were there at the weekend so it was ok but it would not have been good during the week. The location is fantastic but I found the beds really hard and uncomfortable. Some of the rooms are tiny but that is not unexpected for a city hotel. It was very clean.
I would ask for a high up floor.
I think a lot of city hotels would be noisy in summer.

lottie63 Sun 03-Mar-13 08:54:09

All useful tips on here. Am wondering the sane question myself

bluesky Sat 30-Jun-12 19:52:57

We also stayed in Hotel White like Jakadaal, it was a great location.

nothingoldcanstay Sat 30-Jun-12 16:04:14

Thanks everyone. Hotel Mozart is unavailable now so i am back tooolooking again. Will stick to Spanish steps area on justones advice. thanks all

drxerox Sat 30-Jun-12 13:39:09

we stayed in Hotel Taormina, and found it good value. About 15 min walk from the Colosseum, and on bus/tram routes. Also (big plus) the price includes a good buffet breakfast (we didn't eat again until the evening) and a few doors away from a fantastic ice cream parlour. Would definately stay there again.

BananaGio Fri 29-Jun-12 19:10:02

I live in rome. Dont know any of these personally but looking at locations if you want minimum walking then Mozart is the most central as its on the Corso and the Spanish steps, trevi fountain, pantheon, piazza navona are all within a 10 min walk. There is also a small electric bus that takes you around the centre and also up to the Gianicolo hill which is good for a bit of air and the best view of the city. Make sure is air con, is bloody hot at the moment and I am melting with no aircon in our flat. You can also get up to the villa borghese easier if you want some time out in the park. The forum one is great for the colosseum and forum but bit further from everything else.

justonemorethread Fri 29-Jun-12 18:56:31

Spanish steps or pantheon are both great locations. Via veneto not so much - although it's not terrible- So double check before you book!
I can only vouch for forum in terms of customer service, don't know the others.

Pantheon could get very noisy at night, depending on position, esp. If you have to have the windows open!

Rome is very noisy at night, so also bear that in mind!

pierogi Fri 29-Jun-12 00:28:52

sorry, nothingoldcanstay, I think they've put their prices up since I stayed there a few years ago! Good luck finding somewhere good.

nothingoldcanstay Fri 29-Jun-12 00:11:19

Yes E200 a night budget.

Hotel Mozart is by the Spanish Steps but their triple has a proper terrace which is ideal with a child that will be in bed before us.
Hotel forum is on my list as it gets good reviews and is slap bang in a sight. My DP was put off by the slightly fusty look in their photo's on Tripadvisor.

Thanks Jakadaal will look at that.

Jakadaal Thu 28-Jun-12 23:37:48

I was going to suggest Hotel White near the Trevi Fountain but not sure about the price for August. For me it was the perfect location and was within easy walking distance of Spanish steps, Via Veneto etc. We did the touristy red bus tour and found that a good way to get around as we just got off and on where we wanted to but still got to see the sights from the bus when we wanted a rest.

justonemorethread Thu 28-Jun-12 23:32:53

Where is hotel Mozart? My parents practically lived in Hotel forum when relocated to Rome some years back, and they are very fussy, so it must be good. Good location for centre, etc, and according to them great food. Do they have air conditioning? That would be important to me.

Alameda Thu 28-Jun-12 23:32:45

is that budget per night?

nothingoldcanstay Thu 28-Jun-12 23:31:42

Thanks all. Pierogi - looks very good but pricey and over my E200 for a triple!
I didn't realise there were hills too. How is walking round in town. I know the cobbles are bad but is any direction(sightseeing) better than another?

Alameda Thu 28-Jun-12 23:25:42

oh I met someone who has an apartment which can be part catered if you prefer in piazza di spagna which is an easy walk from everywhere (we were at the top of via veneto which was still an easy walk as far as I was concerned) - saved the details because it looked nice, will have a look

pierogi Thu 28-Jun-12 23:25:20

This place is really fantastic. Down a narrow street, house in a tall apartment building.

franticallyjugglinglife Thu 28-Jun-12 23:17:40

I'd stay across the river in trastevere. Lovely area, a bit less touristy.. And cheaper!

nothingoldcanstay Thu 28-Jun-12 23:09:20

Any chance you can remember the apartment? Sounds a good spot and we are flexible on dates.

cheekyginger Thu 28-Jun-12 21:10:44

We've booked with friendly rentals for rome and barcelona in the past and they have been great.

Both of which were self-catering apartment in the heart of the city.

The one we had in rome was very near the pantheon, which was a brilliant location.

These were pre-child holidays!!! But we cant sleep in same room as DS so would definately try them again in the future.

Annunziata Wed 27-Jun-12 10:32:06

Ooh, that's a toughy. Are you looking at using the Metro? It's manic and permanently busy but quite easy to use. DH and I normally get the 3 day pass (16e) and hop on and off. If I remember rightly the Metro stop at the Forum is on the B line and the other major touristy bits are on the A, so you'd either have to walk it (which is doable, although it will be roasting!) or get the B line up to Termini and change lines.

The Pantheon isn't that close to any other Metro stops, so you'd only have the option of walking or buses. I really don't know which is better tbh!

nothingoldcanstay Mon 25-Jun-12 20:04:41

I have tripadvisored every hotel in and out of the city and now it's driving me mad!

Hotel Forum, Hotel Mozart and the one by the Pantheon are the hot contenders. About £150 or E200 max in August.

Problem is I know it will be hot but I can't work out best location so that you get maximum interest for minimum walking. DS is 8 so likes impressive buildings and ruins but without having to use too much imagination.

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