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Any tips for altering Gina Ford routine for flight to US?

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Amymum Wed 28-Nov-01 12:56:31

Does anybody have any tips for altering the Gina Ford routine for a long-haul flight? I should probably just go with the flow and not worry about the routine, but dd is soooo good with it! I'm not overly worried about the flight itself, just that she will be a complete nightmare if she doesn't sleep & eat as usual. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Pupuce Wed 28-Nov-01 13:37:58

How old is DD ? If she is over 4 months old, I'd say go with the flow. I suspect she will adjust in 48hours. Follow her because if she is so good with the routine, she will know when to eat and sleep. Just be "extra" attentive to her so that you can respond to her without too much delay but the more RELAXED you are about it the easier it will be...
I have 2 children on GF and they both adjust easily to any change in the routine. Once you get over there, put her on the routine again but be a bit flexible for a few days...

Jds Thu 29-Nov-01 12:36:13

We went to New York with our 4 month old son in May, and i must say it was the easiest flight that we have ahd with him. He slept most of the way, and just woke for his feeds. In New york we managed to adjust a bit to the time difference, but we did end up seeing the city very early most mornings!! Josh loved it all, and took it all in his stride.
You will all love the experence. Good luck.


Sjs Thu 29-Nov-01 14:44:39

I think you will find it quite easy and if you just go with the same routine but in the new time zone, you will proabably find that your baby adjusts quickly.

We live in Hong Kong and came back to the UK when our dd was 4 months old. (8 hour time difference.) She slept most of the (night) flight but did wake up at normal wake up time. We just let her sleep when she got tired but tried to stick to the rountine as much as possible. She went to bed at 7pm as normal the first night but woke up in the middle of the night for couple of hours. I just got her up at 7am as normal, and the next day she was fine and back on schedule.

When we flew home at the end of the trip, she was waking up in the middle of the night screaming at about 1am (first 2 nights) and when we tried feeding her, it turned out she was hungry. (personally, I always find I'm hungry at odd hours when I have jet lag.) But after being fed, she went straight back to sleep for rest of night.

We'd only just given up the 10.30pm while we were on holiday, so we just went back to waking her for a few days until she was properly back into the routine, and then dropped it again. To be honest, think she adjusted better than us.

HTH, good luck with the trip. (BTW, if she is older, I'd be interested in your feedback. I plan a trip home when she is a year, so wonder if things will be so straight forward then. Particularly trying to get her to sleep on the flight...)

Bloss Fri 30-Nov-01 03:25:54

Message withdrawn

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