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Anyone know if you can travel within Europe on a Birth Certificate instead of a passport

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dizzydo Tue 07-Feb-06 13:00:46

Just had the opportunity of sending my two dd's away for half term with my sister but one of them is still on my passport and because it will be a first passport I cannot get one issued on a same day basis. The passport office suggested contacting the airline and asking if a Birth Certificate could be used instead as because it is within Europe that should be OK.

I have just spent a fortune on easyjet's website going around and around their menu options where they just keep you in a loop getting nowhere and there is nothing I can find on the website that lets me email a question.

Can anyone help me please?

Blandmum Tue 07-Feb-06 13:03:23

I don't think that they would let you back in the UK. I know that they check your passpost when you leave and enter the UK on the cahnnel tunnel.

Note, I am not a lawyer

ladymuck Tue 07-Feb-06 13:03:26

I believe that airlines are pretty strict about needing photo id, so I wouldn't expect a birth certificate to be enough.

Hausfrau Tue 07-Feb-06 13:04:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

northerner Tue 07-Feb-06 13:04:48

Don't think so. Passport required for all flights except domestic when photo ID is sufficient.

janinlondon Tue 07-Feb-06 13:08:31

No. A birth certificate doesn't prove nationality.

milward Tue 07-Feb-06 13:08:32

You'll need a passport. As I understand you can't travel with a birth certficate in europe as there's no photo id. There are ID cards that can be used to travel in europe - but airlines require a passport in anycase. I'd call the passport office for their advice.

ladymuck Tue 07-Feb-06 13:09:29

See here . You can go to the Czech Republic!

LIZS Tue 07-Feb-06 13:15:32

Sorry not ime. dd needed a passport just to get out of Switzerland even for a day trip! Especially if they are not travelling with a parent, it would automatically raise a query at Check In and Immigration, both ways.

tissy Tue 07-Feb-06 13:25:36

when is half term, can't you get a passport by visiting the passport office?

tissy Tue 07-Feb-06 13:26:18

oh, sorry, have Passport office said they can't do it? Why?

dizzydo Tue 07-Feb-06 13:33:55

tissy, passport office cannot do it because she has always been an addition to my passport so it is classed as a "new" passport and that can't be done in a day. The other option is a week, but there are no appointments available until Friday so that is too late.

Blandmum Tue 07-Feb-06 13:35:56

Can you pitch up and beg and plead?

My neice did this. Her passort was out of date and she only found out in the airport. She went to the office the next day and begged with them and they sorted her probelm out. She went the next day on another flight....cost her a packet tho!

motherinferior Tue 07-Feb-06 13:41:02

No, you cannot get a first passport in 24 hours, I'm afraid, mb. As many of us have found to our cost.

Blandmum Tue 07-Feb-06 13:43:14


my neices was a replacement one, obviously.

What is the time delay? can they do it in 48?

Could dizzy still send them for a few days?

Blandmum Tue 07-Feb-06 13:43:55

Which reminds me ds's needs re doing this year. I'd better go and check it out.

dizzydo Tue 07-Feb-06 13:54:25

No, a week is the minimum unfortunately.

I could kick myself because it is something I have been meaning to sort out for ages and just not got around too.

Thanks for all your comments everyone

Mercedes Tue 07-Feb-06 21:36:22

Where are they going? You don't need a passport to travel to Italy - well at least that's what it says on Ryanair's website and they're the worst for insisting on photographoc proof

Rhubarb Tue 07-Feb-06 21:39:50

Don't do it! The Europeans are very strict on ID cards of all sorts. She will be refused entry if she does not have a passport.

kid Tue 07-Feb-06 21:45:00

My friend once came on holiday with my family to Gran Canaria. She was on her mums passport which she was able to use along with a letter from her mum saying she had permission to travel with X.

Is this no longer possible? I know the rules and regulations change all the time.

motherinferior Tue 07-Feb-06 21:46:42

Yes, the rules have changed. You cannot get a 24 hour passport for a baby (although you can, often, get one in less than the expected 14 days).

motherinferior Tue 07-Feb-06 21:48:18

Sorry to go on so - I still have horrific memories of getting both Inferiorettes' passports. Don't put Tippex on the form, either. Or have a very slightly iffy pic. Or get your child's other parent, should you not be married and not possess a parental responsibility order, to apply. Tears will be shed. Believe me.

dolally Tue 07-Feb-06 22:03:30

you've obviously got the picture by now, but if not... you can't do it. The kids won't even leave the UK and certainly won't get into any European country without an ID card of a EC state, or a passport.

Sorry to drone on, but do you also have to have permission from the child's parents if it's not travelling with the parent?

Xxisaritaixx Tue 27-Dec-16 16:43:59

Who's the idiot who thinks a birth certificate doesn't prove nationality ....
Your nationality is where you were born i.e. Proved by your birth certificate 🤣🤣

bijouxxx Tue 27-Dec-16 16:45:55

This thread is 10 years old hmm

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