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American School Holidays in February?

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Rhiannon Thu 15-Nov-01 13:26:15

Can anyone tell me do the Amercans have a February half term? We are going to LA on Feb 11th, driving to San Diego and wonder if we should worry about pre-booking anything.

Can you recommend places to stay in or around San Diego? R.

Janh Thu 15-Nov-01 16:15:37

Rhiannon, they don't have half terms as such at all, BUT there is a big national (=Bank) holiday in Feb called Presidents' Day - I think there used to be 2 separate days, one for Washington and one for somebody else, but they combined them - and I have a feeling the date is something like the 12th.
I will try and check it out for you.
(Blimey, you do have a lot of holidays!)

Glee Thu 15-Nov-01 17:30:41

I did a google search for "San Diego Unified School District" to check their school calendar. It looks like they have a holiday on the 15th (Lincoln's birthday) and the 18th (Washington's birthday. Each school district sets its own calendar, however, so it depends. My school district has holidays on the 11th and the 18th of February.

Rhiannon Thu 15-Nov-01 19:12:30

Thank you, I can always rely on Mumsnet! P.S got the flights from the Daily Mail, bargain bucket! R.

Janh Thu 15-Nov-01 21:01:37

Marina, the date for the combined Presidents' Day is the 3rd Monday in Feb - whatever that is next year.

But, as with the 2 schools in Rockaway that were closed on Monday for Veterans' Day, when there is a public holiday the schools will shut for just the one day instead of, as we mostly manage to, combining it with a longer school holiday. They don't seem to have the holiday bottlenecks that we do.

Have a great time anyway!

Glee, where do you live?

Janh Thu 15-Nov-01 21:29:48

When I say Marina...!!! :(

Sorry, Rhiannon!

Glee Thu 15-Nov-01 23:44:03

I live in Sacramento, which is in northern California. The schools will usually have a week off for Easter/Spring Break and two weeks off at Chirstmas. Otherwise, yes, it's pretty much one day here and one day there for holidays during the school year.

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