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CLC Travel company - I've 'won' a holiday and I'm very suspect.

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mckenzie Wed 18-Jan-06 19:48:21

I gto a call late thsi afternoon saying I've come fourth in a prize draw (I completely a very quick 5 question survey in my local shopping centre about 4 months ago). It seems I've won a 1 week holiday for 4 people, self catering, flights all paid for. It an be taken in the next 18 months and it's in Tenerife or the Costa del Sol. I have to go with my husband to my nearest CLC travel centre to be told about the company and the apartments and to get the brochures from which to make my selection. I have to pay a £50 booking fee for each adult when i book the holiday.

Does anyone have any experience of this company.

I appreciate that the idea is to get you into the office and talk to you about the wonders and benefits of CLC (lady on phone assured me it would be 2 hours max) so am I really going to get a weeks self catering holiday or my family for just £150 (I dont pay a booking fee for under 2 years old, I guess because they dont get a seat on the plane).


WigWamBam Wed 18-Jan-06 19:50:18

CLC are a timeshare company and they will be trying to sell you timeshare - if you go along to their offices be prepared for the hard sell.

tiredemma Wed 18-Jan-06 19:50:50

timeshare, just with a fancy set up. Ok if you want to sit through a hard sell for hours.

I would avoid at all costs

LilacBump Wed 18-Jan-06 19:55:55

i got a phonecall from them about half an hour ago! i have just 'won' my third holiday with them and told them where to stick it. first time i was stupid and i rang the actual number they gave me and arranged a meeting. we didn't go, but the lady kept ringing over 20 times a day to get hold of us (never picked up as saw the number on caller display). she finally gave up after three weeks. she actually promised me a free tv if we came to the meeting too.

HRHQueenOfQuelNoel Wed 18-Jan-06 19:59:10

I don't touch any 'prizes' where 'everything is paid for' with a bargepole if I have to pay anything timeshare con - if you've won a FREE holiday, you've won a FREE holiday - and there should be nothing to pay.

LIZS Wed 18-Jan-06 20:00:06

You'll have to jump through many hoops to get the holiday - pay an arrangement fee, be prepared to go at short notice, attend their presentation (without kids )...

DissLocated Wed 18-Jan-06 20:03:51

I've just had exactly the same thing from a company called HDI. Dh said they've rung him before and he went through with it to the bitter end (he was v poor at the time and this was the only way he could get a holiday) He said the timeshare presentation was 2hrs long. At the end he got a certificate to send off and, lo, his tickets etc did arrive. He didn't actually go as it was with his xp and they split up before they could go on the holiday.

I can't decide whether to go ahead with it or not. i'm waiting for written details to arrive so I can read it properly before I make my mind up.

mckenzie Wed 18-Jan-06 22:03:18

same here disslocated. They've said they'll be sending me written confirmation and terms so i'll wait and see. The guy on the phone kept saying "you dont sound very excited" - I wonder why?

shockedstepmother Wed 18-Jan-06 22:08:45

Timeshare and restricted dates available. Google them and you'll steer clear

FrayedKnot Wed 18-Jan-06 22:12:06

Don;t do it!

gigglinggoblin Wed 18-Jan-06 22:14:32

depends on the company whether its worth it. you may only get 14 days notice of when you are going, you may be required to sit through a load more timeshare hard sell meetings when you get there, you will have to sit through the whole sales pitch when you book (some can last for the whole morning or the whole day!)

i would save the booking fee and get a late deal somewhere, you can probably do it for not much more money

mckenzie Wed 18-Jan-06 22:19:46

thanks all. that was interesting reading Frayedknot!

MeerkatsUnite Thu 19-Jan-06 07:49:08

Would not touch this with a long pole.

If you have to pay upfront fees (and there will undoubtedly be more such fees to pay out) then its not a free holiday at all.

The old saying applies here, "if it sounds too good to be true then it is". Do not be suckered in.

DissLocated Thu 19-Jan-06 14:01:52

Definately not going. The info arrived today and said that children under 10 cannot attend the presentation so this means trying to get sitters for dd which is a pain. The article also put me off, I don't really want to attend another sales pitch - thanks FrayedKnot!

FrayedKnot Thu 19-Jan-06 14:26:51

Aside to DL: It's me, BTW - I changed my name when we moved and I was feeling, well, a bit like a chewed piece of string! Good idea not to go I think.

DissLocated Thu 19-Jan-06 14:48:59

FK - I wondered whether you'd come back on here and then you do it in disguise! You could have had some fun there! Like the name btw.

How's it going?

The holiday thing is also in Mildenhall so quite far away from here adding to pain in bum factor.

daisy1999 Thu 19-Jan-06 14:52:09

if you've genuinely won something then you shouldn't have to pay a penny imo.

Rebs1107 Tue 18-Apr-17 21:54:01

I received a call today and email with link to choose £75 of free shopping vouchers for attending. Surprisingly, the link didn't work lol

Rebs1107 Tue 18-Apr-17 21:55:31

We were tempted to attend but we'd have to take our children with us which we're not willing to subject any of us to

Barbosska1 Wed 19-Apr-17 19:55:30

we were called by CLC and requested to come TOGETHER with my husband and WITHOUT children to their presentation , which we did not do. They have just called again and rescheduled the presentation, but I think it is a scam.

rookiemere Fri 21-Apr-17 18:04:04

We're currently staying at CLC Sunningdale. Full price to stay for a week is 540 Euro and could have got it cheaper had I booked a few more months in advance. As far as I know these timeshare trips don't normally include flights and are usually 99 or 199 Euro for the week. I'd far rather pay the extra and not lose a day of my holiday.

Glemsford71 Tue 01-Aug-17 16:46:53

DO NOT ATTEND a so called free holiday presentation with CLC travel. It is unprofesional and is time share with a fancy name...members club!! The presentation is LONG, boring and a complete waste of time, and it is NOT a free holiday. How do these companies keep going is beyond me. There is no such thing as a free holiday a complete waste of time.

CheungS255 Thu 17-Aug-17 23:10:42

hi, its real. we are required to pay £90 for the free overnight stay at Gloucester 5 star hotel after the presentation. it wasn't half as hard sell as my husband thought. we sat through the presentation. cup of coffee, ipad was prepared for the young ones to be entertained whilst we are busy. really nice photos but timeshare is pricey for 19 years but their short term ones are nice. sadly fee of 700 each year but unlimited hotel stay in Europe or uk with £56 if stay 3 nights for 6 people. very cheap indeed. weekend are slightly higher. also one week free holiday anywhere in the world where got CLC including Malaysia Singapore etc. so if doing lots of holiday well worth it. we didn't go for it as planning to move house this year. so they refund the £90 back as agreed and got free overnight stay in a lovely hotel with breakfast and sauna and swimming pool etc. had a lovely time. not as bad as we thought.

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