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Just been to Venice - it's great for young children

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OldieMum Tue 10-Jan-06 11:47:03

We have just returned from spending a few days in Venice with DD (3). We thought it might be a problem to take a toddler on a city holiday, but it turned out to be an ideal place to take her, so I thought others might like to think about going there. The city is compact and easy to get around, there's no traffic and there's lots to catch a young child's attention - from carvings, to bell towers, to beautifully-decorated shop windows. Everyone we dealt with, in our hotel, in shops, in museums, was friendly and, of course, Italians are very nice to small children. The only caveats are that the child needs to be old enough to be sensible about travelling on water buses and crossing bridges. And take a lightweight pushchair, because you need to carry it over bridges frequently.

beejay Tue 10-Jan-06 12:01:54

That's really useful to know, thanks

moyasmum Tue 10-Jan-06 12:04:28

Wow that sounds great that you had such a good time. Keep thinking about it with my two but stumble on the accomodation front. 20 years ago i stayed in the youth hostel but not keen to take children, as it might be too rowdy/insecure.Can I ask, where did you stay?

Albert Tue 10-Jan-06 12:11:51

I've just moved from Venice, having lived there for 3 years and can second everything that OldieMum says, it really is a great place for young children as long as they are not expecting big playgrounds, ball pits, soft play ect. Moyasmum, there are hundreds (and I do mean hundreds) of hotels there ranging from 1 star to 6 star luxuary so you will certainly find something suitable. And now is really the best time of year to go in terms of being the least crowded.

OldieMum Tue 10-Jan-06 12:14:59

We stayed here . The web site makes it sound a bit precious, but actually it wasn't. It was very small and near the centre. They were lovely people, even organising a birthday cake for my and DD's joint birthday. We had tried to get in here -recommended as child-friendly in the Good Hotel Guide - but it was closed for renovations. They suggested the Novecento, which is owned by the same family. It was a bit pricey by our standards (E200 per night for three of us sharing a room), but hotels in Venice are quite pricey. The Flora re-opened yesterday, by the way.

motherinferior Tue 10-Jan-06 12:27:08

What a lovely idea. How are you, OM?

MrsWobble Tue 10-Jan-06 12:27:13

I completely agree. We had an excellent holiday in Venice with children aged 4 and 2. There are nice beaches at the Lido as well so you can get the bucket and spade bit in as well.

OldieMum Tue 10-Jan-06 12:29:13

MI - I'm fine. Of course, now I'm visibly PG, I also got lots of old-fashioned Italian chivalry, too.

Skribble Tue 10-Jan-06 14:40:06

Thanks for the recomendation, my kids loved paris and we were considering another city break sometime, I always fancied Venice and chivalerous Italians.

Arsey Fri 23-Feb-07 20:55:37

Going to Venice and Lake Garda at the beginning of March with our 14 month old and was wondering if anyone could recommend some good, child friendly hotels with babysitting services? We have stayed at Bedruthan Steps in Cornwall and that set up was fantastic but anything at all similar would do. Any other tips greatly appreciated.

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