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Selja Mon 05-Nov-01 21:43:37

Going to Nerja in Spain for a month over Christmas.
(1) How do you keep a 2 year old occupied on the plane for three hours?
(2) Anybody been to Nerja and is there anything child friendly to do?
(3) Anybody been to the Alhambra Palace and is it OK for a few hours with an active two year old?
Would appreciate some help. Also I don't know much about children, what do you do with a two year old who won't play with his toys with you?

Vbleau Sat 10-Nov-01 02:10:10

Nerja is lovely. ALL the restaurants are child friendly. Get a sticker book for the plane. Also plenty of drinks. Accept the journey may not be easy but nor should it be awful!
Ther is a little train that goes round the town at night, like a big toy train. Very cheap. Not sire if it runs in winter but kids will love it.
The Black Cat restaurant is worth a visit.
Have fun!

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