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romantic weekend

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spook Sun 02-Nov-03 11:47:03

We are taking a much needed weekend away without our kids, and wondered if anyone knew anywhere lovely and romantic in the lakes/scotland. I am thinking log fires and four posters, walking and papers in bed! A tennis court would be fab, but maybe I'm asking too much now! Thanks in advance!

beetroot Sun 02-Nov-03 12:02:10

Message withdrawn

beetroot Sun 02-Nov-03 12:03:59

Message withdrawn

beetroot Sun 02-Nov-03 12:05:14

Message withdrawn

spook Sun 02-Nov-03 12:11:05

Hi Beetroot,
Thanks for that but they are the totally wrong area of the country. We are in the North-East and need somewhere within 2 / 3 hours drive away.

beetroot Sun 02-Nov-03 12:13:48

Message withdrawn

candy Sun 02-Nov-03 19:29:55

Go to the Witchery in Edinburgh if you're feeling flush - looks yummy.

katierocket Sun 02-Nov-03 19:57:19

agree with the witchery - BIL went for honeymoon and said it was amazing (no tennis courts though)

tamum Sun 02-Nov-03 20:00:28

The Witchery is lovely to look at, but I've had some startlingly awful meals there. The Three Chimneys is supposed to be fab, and has rooms attached; pretty sure they don't have tennis courts though, as it's not strictly a hotel. Their website is here . Also heard good reports of the Hilton at Dunkeld, which is probably reasonably priced.

applepie Sun 02-Nov-03 21:01:09

Stobo Castle looks fab - although I cannot personally recommend (hope to one day) it looks lovely in the pictures - near Peebles in the Borders and ticks all your boxes

JanZ Mon 03-Nov-03 15:50:02

How about somewhere like monachyle mhor in the Trossachs - stunning food, stunning scenery.... but no tennis court! I've cycled in the area in the summer and had lunch there, but not actually stayed. Food was fantastic and the hotel looked really cosy. I fancy going up there for a romantic weekend myself this winter!

spook Wed 05-Nov-03 17:01:54

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions. Have booked-and am really looking forward to it!

tamum Wed 05-Nov-03 17:26:31

Have a great time spook- which one did you book?

(just realised your name would have been very apt for the Witchery!)

spook Thu 06-Nov-03 19:05:30

Hi Tamum,
I tried numerous of your suggestions-Stobo CAstle and Hilton at Dunkeld (I really wanted that tennis and it will probably rain!!) All fully booked. Eventually landed the Marriot Dalmahoy Country Club in Edinburgh. Fingers crossed....

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