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Should travel companies have a duty of care to advise you if the property has been burgled?

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GingerPunch Sun 16-Oct-11 23:01:22

Having experienced a burglary at our holiday villa in Majorca it got me wondering if holiday companies have a duty of care to let you know in advance if the villa/apartment has previously been burgled. The company I booked with told me that four of their villas had been burgled already this season, but they continued to rent them out. I was also told by a friend that people they knew had been burgled in Ibiza this summer whilst they were at the beach, another couple they knew on their honeymoon had just arrived at their villa in Portugal and were followed from the airport, the thieves waited until they went out and broke in stealing all their belongings. Seems to me that holidaymakers are being targeted in villas, on reflection the signs were there in our villa, poor window latches, no burglar alarm or telephone. I know for a fact that our villa was occupied the day after we left we put a discreet note to warn the next family that the villa had been burgled, they rang us to confirm this, BUT surely it is down to the villa companies to let you know about this problem which ultimately ruins your holiday. The villa company will be quick to deny that it is their responsibility and leave you to sort out the mess, knowing you cant speak the language, I think they have a duty of care to warn anyone booking a property if it has previously been burgled.
So my advice to anyone booking a villa/apartment is to ask and get it in writing if the property has ever been burgled, get the name of who you speak to.
Before you unpack check all the locks on doors & windows, if the windows have no proper locks query this.
Put any emergency phone numbers including the local police in your mobile.
Never leave any money or passports at the property, not even in the safe.

We shall never book another villa holiday again, no matter how reputable the company appears to be, our trust has gone, the word dishonest springs to mind.

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