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Staying in a Caravan next week, how many layers should 6 month old have on at night?

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HallePerry Sun 16-Oct-11 11:24:22

We are off to Weymouth tomorrow for the week and staying in a Caravan, DS2 will be in a travel cot and i really cant decide/remember how many layers he should be wearing. He has a sleeping bag and so i was thinking, short sleeved vest, babygrow and sleeping bag with cotton blanket over the top....
What do you think? He takes after his Dad and so gets hot easily during the day but not so much at night.
i'm so paranoid about him getting too hot/cot death etc.
sorry to sound so nutty! wink
thank you ladies

mummymeister Sun 16-Oct-11 16:08:01

Not nutty at all!what you have provided sounds about right. the caravan will have heating i would think so you can always leave this on low overnight if you are worried. i used to have a cot thermometer that we took everywhere with us - very handy!

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