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is lidl ski wear any good?

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FoJo Sat 15-Oct-11 16:31:36

My 13 year old daughter is lucky enough to be going ski-ing with school in france next year. We are not a ski-ing family, none of us have ever been or are likely to go! I see that lidl has ski jackets and trousers next week, can anyone tell me if they are any good, will they keep her warm enough?


willali Tue 18-Oct-11 12:40:15

absolutely brilliant! I would advise getting two sizes if it is likely to be a recurring event. My kids ski-ed in Eastern USA in FEb at minus 20 degrees in LIdl ski clothes no problem. You will have to get other layers etc as well but I'm sure you know this!

You need to be quick tho - my Lidl's ski wear gets sold out on the first day and most go there, elbows sharpened, for opening time to make sure of purchases

Sandgroper Tue 18-Oct-11 21:41:15


Willali great to hear. It looks ok, I was pleasantly impressed with the quality and good advice with the layers, jackets/trousers look a bit thin but with layering they should be fab.

I did just that yesterday at our local store, was a bit of a bun fight (albeit friendly) but I got what I wanted. Went back today as trousers for DS1 a little bit long and it had pretty much gone (decided to live with what I bought). Lady on the till told me they aren't getting any more stock but you can call customer services and find out which store closest to you and they can hold it for you! Not sure if that is true or not! Guess you could try.

Thanks to a tip off from MNer's my DD's kitted out. Now all we need is the snow wink

willali Wed 19-Oct-11 11:36:51

all ski wear seems thin these days, the technology has moved on it seems - the days of having duvet like trousers are gone <memories of 1980's school ski trips emoticon>

FreeButtonBoo Wed 19-Oct-11 11:39:13

They are selling their ski gear from tomorrow (Thursday), it sells out quickly.

Sandgroper Wed 19-Oct-11 14:10:40

Willali - That certainly makes sense! Ah but I bet they were super comfy (if you ever took a spill) and warm!

FreeButtonBoo - when I looked on the website today (friend was looking at it for her DS's), she thought it was only the adult stuff on sale tomorrow.

Still it was a bloody good bargain, so where is this snow?????

Figgygirl Wed 02-Nov-11 02:56:53

TX Max also sell ski wear at cheap prices.
Jakets and trousers / salopettes are certainly thinner than they used to be ( my DH still has a lovely pair of purple salops with a purple / red/ navy jacket!)
Luckily he doesn't wear them on ski holidays now.
It is the filling that keeps you warm, so depends what is used. It can also vary on how waterproof ski clothes are.

We used to buy Trespass skiwear for our sons which was cheap but kept them warm and dry.

Skiing in January/ February can be very cold, March / April is usually sunnier and much warmer. If it is snowing/ cloudy with a wind blowing it can feel bl**dy freezing especially when you are exposed on the top of a mountain!

Definitely important to pack layers - we pack short sleeved thermal vest, long sleeved thermal vest, cotton polo neck ( some have a neck zip ) and also a ski fleece.
You need sunglasses suitable for snow/mountain and also goggles for cloudy/ snowy weather - yellow or orange coloured lenses are best.

Warm woolly hat, and ski gloves. Some ski gloves also have a pair of inner fleecy gloves for when it is very cold.

Ski socks. I wear a pair of tights under my trousers as well usually.
It is also worth having thermal leggings to wear under ski trousers if going in December - February and it is very cold.

Sun cream ( suitable for snow/ mountain ) and also lip salve for chapped lips.

If pockets in jacket are not big enough for goggles, hat, suncream, camera, water, snacks etc, then worth wearing a small backpack which secures at the waist so it doesn't move around.

Even if the sun is shining in the morning, the weather can change during the day, so you always need to carry goggles and warm hat.

The school should provide a list of things to take. Hope she has a super time!
Where are they going?

Figgygirl Wed 02-Nov-11 03:09:26

P.S. If they are going in March / April it could be very hot by midday - around 70 deg or more. Great for sunbathing in deckchairs on the slopes in a Tshirt.

You obviously don't need the same layers in this weather, so a vest top under a T shirt and ski jacket may be enough. It depends if they are skiing in a sheltered sunny bowl, or if they are higher and more exposed. Always worth carrying an extra layer in backpack for later afternoon when it gets colder.

JohnnyBarthes Fri 29-Nov-13 07:23:48

Reduce, reuse, recycle - before anyone cries "zombie!" grin

What's the verdict on Lidl ski wear these days? Am contemplating a few bits for ds's trip to Austria in February.

lottysmum Wed 04-Dec-13 23:10:09

Good - we brought a set last year and my skinny DD didnt complain ...

EarlAdams Thu 05-Dec-13 18:49:56

It's all depend on this way of thinking because all this is about common sense just be calm down and let him decide what is good for him or not.

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