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travelling with kids / problems/ project

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bigbabysteps Thu 13-Oct-11 22:28:30

I am studying design and am looking into travelling with young children for my current project. It would be great to hear of any problems people have when they are out and about. Anything from popping out to the shops to trips abroad? What products could you not live without? And what just doesn't work?

I would love to hear about your travels and ideas.


GreatKidsClubs Fri 14-Oct-11 16:01:29

When I travelled with my infants, they were/are both milk allergic - to the extent that even the Nan HA formula that I used as milk when weening onto solids after 6 months used to make them blow up like a balloon. They were too young for ordinary soy or rice milk (not enough good nutrients) and my breasmilk had dried up by then, so I had to carry lots of tins of soy formula powder with me just to ensure a good supply.

Something I would have liked to have had was a powder container that could keep the powder dry, even when opening & closing many times in humid conditions, large enough for a tin worth, and secure enough (unlike tupperware) that the powder wouldnt spill out when being packed in the hold.

Avent used to do this with enough for three servings but I needed enough for a week!


bigbabysteps Mon 17-Oct-11 19:08:49

Cheers, I will have a wee think to see if I can come up with any solutions.

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