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Help-Les Charmettes or Le Bois Masson????

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bitofabelly Tue 11-Oct-11 09:25:19

Please help, w have neverndone this type of holiday before and really hopento have a good first experience....we are rather private people, and cant ðecide which site would suit us better. We have 3 boys who will be 8, 5 and 3. We dont mind the lng drive, the lads are used to it. We are going the last 2 weeks of august 2012. Which sitenwould suit us best...we are going to do 1 week in one of the above and 1 week in a house. Best of both worlds. Cpuld anyone who has to been to both please help us as to which site is better. Fun for the kids is our priority...but dont want a mad holiday either where we feel we cant move with throngs of people. Have checked tripadvisor...but there is always one or two negative reviews which kind of make you second guess yourself. Thanks everyone ;-)

PalmTrees Tue 11-Oct-11 16:40:35

We stayed in Le Bois Dormant, which is the same site as Bois Masson and thought it very crowded this August. The pool area, restaurant and evening entertainment is definately 'sardines'! Having said that, our caravan was very nice, my ds (age 6) throughly enjoyed the entertainment and the nearby beaches were very very nice. Sorry I haven't been to the other site you are also considering.

Stinkyfeet Sat 15-Oct-11 14:19:24

We've been to Les Charmettes twice - this year the ds's were 8 and 5. They love the pools and waterslides. I'd definitely recommend it. We went earlier in the season though, so not sure how different it would be in August.

We've also been to Le Bois Dormant when the boys were younger, but didn't venture over the road to Masson I'm afraid.

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