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top tips for day trip to Lapland to see Santa

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youbethemummylion Sun 09-Oct-11 21:54:58

Hi, I'm after any tips for surviving a very long day trip to Enontekio Finland to see Santa with OH and DS1 (4) Please no negative comments I've had enough from the InLaws and it's booked and paid for so there is no going back now!

In particular does anyone have any tips on what to wear, what to take (hand luggage only), and any tips regarding photography I've heard the cold plays havoc with cameras.


MOSagain Mon 10-Oct-11 07:54:51

I took DC1 and 2 on a daytrip to Lapland around 8 years ago and am currently saving to take DC3 and 4, probably next year.
We wore lots of layers of warm clothing and on arrival were given thermal suits to change into. Had to take our own hats and gloves though. If you check with the company you booked with they should tell you what they provide and what you need to take. Don't remember having any issues with camera but had a much older one then.

We had a lovely day, it will be a fabulous experience for your DS (and of course you) and he will be the envy of all his friends. Enjoy grin

Sushiqueen Tue 11-Oct-11 14:15:07

With the camera's the batteries don't tend to last as long if it is very cold. Also for most of the day there won't be much daylight so unless you have a fantastic camera you will have to take mainly close up shots. We found in the "dusk" stage the photos didn't always come out so well.

Also don't wrap your camera up too much. I kept mine in it's case in my pocket and it was fine. I have heard of people tucking it away inside of jackets so that it is very warm and then the screen cracking when they tried to use it as it was so cold. Will depend on the temperature though. It was -28 when we took dd and a mere -16 when my parents took her smile

The thermal suits are normally excellent and we just wore a couple of thin layers under them even in the temperature we had. We wore a couple of pairs of socks as you have to wear you own boots. We also made sure that we had thin wool gloves under thicker gloves. One tip, if you play in the snow a lot, normal ski gloves will get soaked and your hands will start to go very cold, even with other gloves underneath. So keep an eye on how many snowballs you throw. We were given gloves (but we were there for a few days) and they were so much better than ski gloves as DD found out.

As for hats, may be worth taking a balaclava for your DS to protect his face if it is very cold and a nice warm scarf. You don't need too many clothes etc, You are on the plane, then in a nice warm airport and then get taken straight to get your thermal clothes. You will drop those off on the way back to the airport. So don't boil on the plane for the sake of it smile

Have a great time. It is a fantastic experience.

durhambound Sun 16-Oct-11 08:45:12

sushiqueen you said you were there for a few days, who did you book with and where did you stay?

Appleby39 Wed 19-Oct-11 14:48:25

We have just booked a 4 night break to lapland.....i can't wait. Our son is 8 and we thought he's at the perfect age to appreciate and benefit before the magic of father Christmas disappears. Have already bought silk glove liners from ebay to aid warmth, ski gloves, balaclavas & thermals from costco. Got to get hats, socks and scarves lol. We are also flying into Enontekio. What company did you book with?
This is our very first cold holiday lol.

Lucy88 Thu 20-Oct-11 22:39:48

My DS and I are going to the Snowy Wilderness Lodge for 3 nights in December and can't wait. (First Choice all inclusive).

I am taking thermal socks, long johns and long sleeved vets, as well as thermal glove liners. Everything else is supplied for us, trousers, coats, gloves and boots etc. I will take a few hats and scarfs aswell. We are lucky that we are borrowing some of the things we need from friend who have already been - they bought their stuff from Aldi.

I asked the guy in our local camera shop about the issues with the cold and he said to take the battery's out of the camera and keep them in a pocket close to your body(to keep them warm), but just keep your camera in a coat pocket. The camera will be used to the cold and your battery life wil be beter. Keep your flash on at all times.

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