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Has anyone been to Euro Disney on Xmas eve and Day?

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JMYOUNG Sat 08-Oct-11 10:08:51


Please can anyone let me know what Euro disney is like over the festive period? I really want to go but have a feeling it will be horrendously packed, Not only with tourists but will all locals. Although not sure locals would visit DLP on christmas Eve and Day?


PastGrace Sat 08-Oct-11 10:11:27

Not sure about xmas eve and day, but over the festive period in general it is normally quite busy. If you can avoid French school holidays it will be much quieter. I have friends who worked there last year who said because of all the snow it was much quieter, but nearly all of the rides were still running and weren't affected by weather. It is magical though, with sparkles everywhere and fake snow and a giant Christmas tree...

Hopefully someone can help about the actual days themselves

magentastardust Mon 10-Oct-11 17:17:01

We have been a few times but went on 20th December one year -I have never seen it so busy -you couldn't move on main street and they actually put signs up saying it was full !
Saying that though the Christmas shows parades and atmosphere are lovely!

Granard Sat 15-Oct-11 12:38:36

Hi, I'd post your question in the Disneyland / Marne la Vallee forum on Trip Advisor. Great for advice.

Figgygirl Sun 23-Oct-11 05:14:36

You are correct - it will be extremely busy! This is one of the most popular times of the year, and the resort hotels will probably be full, along with day visitors arriving by car and train.
Dining reservations are essential as they are at all busy times, including most weekends of the year.
Last winter they had more snow than usual, which did cause some transport problems, and had to close the park one day to clear the snow for guest safety. The hotel shuttle buses could not run which made it difficult for those staying in the 5 Associated hotels, especially with young children and pushchairs.
Many local people / families have Annual Passports so are likely to visit the parks during the holidays.
We usually go at the beginning of December, when we have all the Christmas celebrations and extra shows/ parades, but with low crowd levels and short queue lines for rides.
Having Christmas at home afterwards makes us feel like we have had two Christmasses!
I am not saying don't go over Christmas or New Year, but be prepared for the crowds.
As Granard has said, you can find lots of help from friendly people on the TA Disneyland Paris/ Marne La Vallee forums. There are some Trip Reports written by people who have been at this time of year which can be useful.

Figgygirl Tue 25-Oct-11 03:44:40

This TR is by someone who was there 15th - 17th December, when it snowed.

Figgygirl Tue 25-Oct-11 04:11:15

See this thread which has details of the usual Christmas programme, but it could be a bit different this year of course.

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