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Meeting Stitch at Disneyland Paris - any tips

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LunarRose Fri 07-Oct-11 13:02:01

DS obsessed with stitch - any tips on where in the park I might find him on meet and greet? Does he turn up at any of the character dining things?

We saw him during the stars in cars parade last year, DS (ASD) was delighted but really have too much of a chance to get used to what was going on and interact properly :-(

LunarRose Fri 07-Oct-11 13:02:29

Or for me to get a good photo of them together!!!

LunarRose Fri 07-Oct-11 18:56:35

Shameless bump!!!

Welshchick Sat 08-Oct-11 18:11:49

Go to Cafe Mickey - we saw him, had autographs and photo there. Don't forget to got stitch show in Didney studios. DH, kids and I all enjoyed it.

TheFidgetySheep Sat 08-Oct-11 18:13:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

northernmonkey Sat 08-Oct-11 18:15:44

Ds1 is a huge stitch fan and I have to admit I didn't think we'd get chance to meet him properly at all
But we went to cafe mickey and he was there. he saw my son was wearing a stick hat and some pins so he sat with him, hugged him had pictures and personally signed his autograph book with ds name it was fantastic grin
Ds was over the moon to say the least smile

northernmonkey Sat 08-Oct-11 18:17:08

But TheFidgetySheep I am his girlfriend and he named a planet after me too!!

TheFidgetySheep Sat 08-Oct-11 18:18:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LunarRose Sun 09-Oct-11 19:53:45


Thank you all, I think you may just have given me the best way to coerce DP into Cafe Mickey!!! grin

rosie39forever Mon 10-Oct-11 14:16:02

Go to the stars in their cars parade at the studios, Lilo and Stitch are in one of the cars and at the end when they do the song and dance performance they get out of the cars and meet the crowd, if you are at the front you will deff meet him.

Figgygirl Tue 25-Oct-11 03:29:01

The others have given you some helpful info. Lilo and Stitch are certainly usually in Stars n Cars Parade in the Studios, which is in the early afternoon ( or around 5pm in summer season ).
If you did not see Stitch Live show in the Studios last time, then your DS will love this, and it is also good fun for adults. ( I was there with my DH at the beginning of the month, and Stitch recognised him as an escaped Space prisoner.....)
This is an interactive show on a screen, where Stitch talks to members of the audience, so most kids love it. He asked kids to make animal noises, and the best ' monkey ' had his photo on the screen.
They do have different shows for this - he doesn't always blow up a planet by mistake!
Stitch and Lilo were both in the show on Central Plaza Stage in summer 2010, but not this year, as the shows change. He also used to appear in Discoveryland at times for a dancing show, but not currently.

You can't guarantee which Characters will appear in the Character Dining restaurants, as they are not the same all the time.

It is worth checking the programme before you go, as this lists the times and locations for meeting certain Characters in both parks.

Being Halloween Festival, the current programme features more Villains than usual.

This website gives some idea of where Characters may be found in DLP. According to this, he is randomly in Cafe Mickey, but always in Inventions Character buffet dinner, in the Disneyland Hotel, so you may wish to book there as well.

Figgygirl Tue 25-Oct-11 03:33:10

Sorry, I meant to say that Lilo and Stitch were in the show on Central Plaza from April 2010 to March this year, as I saw him in January as well.
The new season and shows begin each year in April, this being Magical Moments Festival, so it will change again next April, for the 20th Anniversary year.

Figgygirl Tue 25-Oct-11 03:37:39

Stars n Cars Parade begins near Animagique theatre, and goes to the stage in Place Des Stars, where the Characters get out of their cars and do a singing/ dancing show.
Get a place here early facing the stage, for a good view. After the show the Characters come over to the ropes for Meet & Greet, but you can't guarantee which ones will come to where you are standing I'm afraid.

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