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Walks with a 4 yr old in and around wiltshire?

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Popi70 Sun 02-Oct-11 22:26:28

Would very much appreciate any advice on where to take my 4 yr old for a nice countryside walk - within 1/2 hr driving distance from chippenham. Not interested in theme parks or childs play areas but a route that is not too difficult for her with stunning views, trees and insects to keep her occupied. thank you!

Imisswales Mon 03-Oct-11 17:09:24

The canal path near Dundas Aqueduct is a nice walk and interesting too. We also do a nice countryside walk from Rode, it's about 3.5 miles so perhaps the full circle would be too far but you could do part of it, lots of cows to see.

Popi70 Mon 03-Oct-11 21:21:09

sounds lovely, 'Imisswales', will give it a try! thanks

RantyMcRantpants Tue 04-Oct-11 01:58:25

Avebury is brilliant in all weathers. My three love running round the stones and up and down the banks and when it snowed earlier in the year, woohoo! Then a quick drink in the Red Lion to warm up and home again smile

RantyMcRantpants Tue 04-Oct-11 02:08:50

Also get on the sustrans path at Darcy close. Walk up it till you get to Black Bridge. Down into Monkton Pk. Walk along the riverpath. This takes you to the blue bridge just by the golf course, you can continue along the path into Monkton Pk and have a drink in the mini golf cafe and then a play in the park, then a walk to the car.

RantyMcRantpants Tue 04-Oct-11 13:19:39

Birds Marsh Wood on Hill Corner Rd is a good tramp and adventure.

Imisswales Tue 04-Oct-11 19:03:37

A couple more for you, both have amazing views - Cley Hill (last time we went there we saw rabbits going in and out of their burrows) and Heaven's Gate on the Longleat estate. You'll find details of these on Google.

NoPinkPlease Tue 04-Oct-11 19:20:12

There's a book called kiddiwalks in wiltshire by Nigel Vile. We've used in lots smile

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