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Sorrento area Italy - Baby friendly holiday

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k4mi Tue 27-Sep-11 13:48:16


We are off to a wedding next May in Sorrento. I don't know Italy well at all but by the time we get there we will have our 4 month old with us too and make a week of it.

This is DC1 and so i have no idea at the moment how to go about finding a baby friendly holiday. I've checked out the likes of Club Med and Neilson but unfortunately they don't have any beach club resorts around there. I realise baby will be too little to go in kids club etc but i would like there to be other families around / some entertainment / activities of sorts for DP and I.

Does anyone know of any nice hotels out there or failing that other holiday companies that offer beach club / club med type stuff?


glitch Tue 27-Sep-11 13:53:51

Italy is pretty baby friendly anyway so why not imagine a holiday for you and DP and then baby can just come too. He will be pretty potable at that age anyway.
We have stayed in St Agnello, just a quick train ride from Sorrento, with our then 4 year old. He still goes on about the hotel with the pool and the good toast he had!

Hassled Tue 27-Sep-11 13:58:46

I know the Amalfi/Atrani/Ravello area well - reasonably close to Sorrento. It's an absolutely beautiful part of Italy - but wherever you go you're going to be faced with lots of steps/hills. There isn't much in the way of flat land, so invest in a good sling. And the roads can be terrifying - but there's a very good bus service.

Agree that at 4 months just treat it as a holiday for you and your DP with the baby tagging along, rather than try and find some sort of "baby friendly" place. The baby will be welcomed wherever you go in any case.

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